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Remote Jakarta, Indonesia Published on: 13-11-2015

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Jakarta Bay is a bay north of North Jakarta city. The Thousand Islands are located in Jakarta Bay.

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Why Jakarta Bay is special ?

Thousand Island lies in the waters of Jakarta Bay which has 100 miles length and 108,000 ha width. There’re about 110 islands, in some large and small group of islands in the Thousand Island. Those islands divided into tourism islands, conservation, historical island, and island for community empowerment in accordance with the characteristics differences between each island.

It is special for the original nature with just a few tourists visiting every day. This bay is definitely a good choice for those who look for some off the beaten path spots. Jakarta Bay gives you the chance to experience the true life of local people.

The majority of the bay's coastal communities consist of people living below the poverty line, in conditions of poor sanitation. Nutrient inputs from agricultural runoff, industrial pollution, and wastewater have led to eutrophication, which in turn led to changes in the area's biodiversity. Harmful algal blooms have been observed.

Source: indonesia-travel-guide.com

What to explore at Jakarta Bay?

- You are now able to view the gorgeous sunset without being annoyed by the crowd as being other beaches.

- Observing the fishermen do their work every day is not a bad choice

- It’s time to relax during a hard day of discovering and to be free from the bustling of the city.

Selling points

  • “things to see in jakarta”
  • “place to relief your stess”
  • A nice place to have break
  • It’s full of peace and quiet
  • A great way to escape from the city
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Jakarta, Indonesia

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Tips for you

  • Don’t forget to bring hats, glasses, sun cream or raincoat in case of rainy days.
    What to bring
  • There is a theme park for children on this bay.
    Things to do
  • It’s better if you go with an Indonesian speaking partner as all signs are written in Indonesian


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The site for Anchol was only in indonesian. No signs in english there. We walked around aimlessly a bit until we found seaworld, wich was nice, but not that special. We had a hard time finding the way out.

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My latest visit was last week ( after 3 years have passed ) still as quiet during the day and sunny ( a blessing after cold London ) the monkeys were there ( a bit scary ). yet again, I praised the local government in setting up this little oasis .. of course there's no beach and other touristic facilities. However this area is a little heaven for those looking for tranquility in noisy Jakarta ;-) I hope it will remain or even better maintain on my next visit.

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Firstly there is nothing there for children over 11 years old. Good luck going there if you can't read all the signs because they are all in Indonesian. The place is MASSIVE luckily I had a Indonesia friend driving and could help me around. No food there, nothing to do. All the activities there look completely run down or about to break. The gardens are beatiful and the area is very clean. I honestly drove in payed my 60,000 RP ( 6 USD ) drove around for about 30 minutes trying to find somewhere to eat but couldn't find anything. There is a water theme park that I did not enter because it looked very childish. This place would be with a visit with young children but no one ever 11 years old. There is a wave board service there that had no one operating it and no one on it. The water looked dirty and the ramps looks destroyed.

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The conservation is maintained well by volunteers. Quiet place in the middle of city's noise.

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