Indonesian Airforce Museum

Attraction Near Adisudipto airport, Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta, Indonesia Published on: 21-03-2016

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Indonesian Airforce Museum is located behind the main Yogyakarta airport which its all aircraft are under cover and beautifully maintained in static condition.

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Why Indonesian Airforce Museum is special ?

The Indonesian Air Force have an excellent, but less known air museum located in Yogyakarta. Called Dirgantara Mandala, the museum is located at the west side of Yogyakarta airport. All aircraft are undercover and maintained in perfect conditions. Some of exposed aircraft are well-known like Mustang or other Invader, but the most interesting are the former Japanese captured aircraft and one authentic Zero fighter discovered in one of the Indonesian island. The museum also has excellent well maintained displays of missiles, radar and other aircraft related equipment as well as model displays telling the history of the Indonesian Air Force and the fight against the Japanese and Dutch for their independence.


What to explore at Indonesian Airforce Museum?

The collections of the museum have reached thousand in amount. The Air Force has 37 units of this plane until 2003. It is then replaced by the Sukhoi type Su-27SK and Su-30MK.

Because there are many collections in the museum, it is divided into seven different rooms. Entering the museum’s building there are four statues of the Air Force’s pioneers. Next, in the Chronological Room you can see many photos and learn about the creation of Indonesia’s Air Force.

The most impressing room is the Alutsista IRoom where you can see some of planes used by the Air Force such as P51 Mustang made by America which was very famous, the English Vampire type DH-115 which was the first jet flown by the First Air force Lieutenant Leo Wattimena in 1956. The most important of all is the replica of Dakota C-47 which was shot by the Dutch in Ngotho area and killed our pioneers of Air Force.


How to get to Indonesian Airforce Museum?

By public transport: you can take a city bus line 7 and get off before Angkasa Elementary School. The museum is within a walking distance. Or you can take Trans Jogja line 1A or 1B. Get off at Janti shelter under the fly over. The museum s 500 meters away. You can take ojek (motorcycle cab) or pedicab to take you to the museum.

By private vehicles:Departed from Yogya downtown, go eastward heading for the direction to Airport.


Selling points

  • The place for plane lovers
  • A great place to learn about Indonesia's history
  • A really cool place with the display of replicas
  • The best Museums in the country
  • Great collection, amazing place of big planes
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Near Adisudipto airport, Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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Tips for you

  • It is best to arrange a private taxi to take you there and wait for you, as it is a long walk back out to the main road to find return transport.
  • For IDR 10.000 (less than USD 1 ) you can rent a flight suit available in military green and orange and wandering around taking your pictures with the old airplanes.
    Things to do
  • You can also have your picture taken and printed by the rental person inside the museum for IDR 20.000 (less than USD 2).
  • The museum also offers a tour guide service for those who want to understand more about Indonesian's history.
  • You must bring a photocopy of your passport or you will be denied entry because it's a military base.
    What to bring
  • The Airforce Museum closes on Friday and public holidays.
  • There are many cafes and merchandise store to relax in the area.
    Things nearby
  • Parking is available at the museum with its fee is IDR 5.000 ( USD 0.40).


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Firstly the Museum is near - but not at - the airport. Its down a road off the main City ring road which is just before the main road to the airport as you travel in a Northerly direction. It sits within a military area - and one passes through a "checkpoint" of dozing Military Police then carry on about half a mile and the Museum is on the left.This is when it got interesting - as soon as we got out of our Taxi a military motorcyclist insisted we return to the entrance for checks - even though the world and his wife roam in and out of the gate freely. We had to go and buy photocopies of our Passports (luckily we had the passports on us) and then hand over a sum for "Car Parking" which went straight into the MPs pocket. One gets used to corruption here - but the Military Police ? For an institution who's aim is to portray their Air Force as an effective honorable force to begin by spotting and fleecing tourists is rather odd and paints them in a very negative light.We went into the museum and the were charged some made up fee which went straight into her pocket too. Asking for a ticket or receipt simply resulted in laughter.This is where the thievery stopped.The Museum is among the best Museums in the country ! They have a great collection of odd aircraft - A Japanese Oscar Fighter and Sonia dive bomber from WW2 (Used by the Indonesian Air Force early on) the usual flush of Mig 15,17,19, 21, a DH Vampire.... the list goes on. One can clamber into some aircraft - sat in the cockpit of a DC3 for example. There are the usual dioramas of Indonesian Air Force History. It's a very politically controlled display - subjects where they did well are there - no mention of their ineffectiveness in the Malaysian Confrontation in the 1950s for instance.Outside there are some excellent exhibits - an A4 Skyhawk, Puma, Catalina and a Bison cold war Soviet Jet Bomber and a SA2 Guideline SAM.There is some information in English which is excellent news, and the whole museum is clean and well cared for. Even a small souvenir / gift shop.So for a Aviation buff its excellent. Accept you may get fleeced by their Military (It's only a small amount admittedly) and it's an excellent 2 or 3 hours well spent.

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Indonesian Air Force Museum may be the most underrated place in Yogyakarta. Not many tourists want to see a museum, managed by government or military, which usually full of propaganda. But, I found it very interesting.No official admission, but I paid 9,000 for three people. The museum start with a great hall with pictures of previous Air Force commander and I was quite surprised that Omar Dhani's picture is still there. He was former Air Force commander and was accused to be part of the Indonesia Communist Party (PKI) coup in 1965. Even his suit is still part of exhibit items.I also didn't found any PKI coup related story/exhibit items in the museum, which can be found in almost every government/military-owned museums.The best part is the Alutsista room, which showed aircrafts used by Indonesian Air Force. Just don't compare it with Smithsonian. But, it really showed that Indonesia had best Air Force in the 1960s. There are MiG 17, MiG19, MiG 21 and even bomber Tupolev Tu-16.I really enjoyed my visit there and it's worth to visit, especially for Indonesians who love history.

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This a nice museum wherein we saw all the historical air force articles as well as exhibits of air crafts. Good to educate children on the history of the planes. It is great fun for complete family and does not really look like a museum. It is more of like a small story set on air force. Good for children and complete family. There are also severla air crafts outside the museum. Entrance fee only 3000 rupiah

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