Independence Beach

Attraction Independence Beach, Krong Preah Sihanouk, Preah Sihanouk, Cambodia Published on: 13-11-2015

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The Independence beach is a narrow white sandy beach and a little bit rocky. This lovely beach is one the best of all the beaches in Sihanoukville and is definitely worth a visit.

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Why Independence Beach is special ?

The independence is a lovely quiet, long, sandy beach with more than a kilometer long. The Beach is a calm and quiet sea side destination in the city of numerous beaches. It is just the place for you to spend some quiet moments with your loved ones while taking pleasure in the untamed beauties of nature. With no interruption at all, you can spend time in this Sihanoukville sightseeing spot just the way you want to. 


What to explore at Independence Beach?

- The Independence Beach of Sihanoukville is ideal for enjoying a nice picnic with friends, family and loved ones. 

- There are several small restaurants and food corners in the area of the Independence Beach in Sihanoukville, thus keeping you fully supplied with delicious sea food dishes during you visit here. 

- Adjacent to the Independence Beach in Sihanoukville is also a lush green garden area, well maintained and decorated with statues and offering so many great things.

- At the other end is the beach's only hotel, Sea Breeze. Grass umbrellas and drink vendors only hotel, Sea Breeze. 

- If you get too tired of the heat then you can always rest under shades of the grass umbrellas that are so popular here.


How to get to Independence Beach?

Getting Here

1. From town, go towards "The Hill" and turn left at the first stop light out of town.  

2. From Sokha Hotel, continue around past Chez Claude's and the ocean.

3. From Victory Hill, stay on the road along the beach, (going away from the port) and you'll get there in about 5 minutes.  Watch out for monkeys.

Motorcycle Taxi: (motodup, moto) drivers expect foreigners to pay 1000-2000R in town, and 2000R - 4000R from town to the beaches. Locals pay less but getting the local price is nearly impossible. Prices go up for multiple passengers and at night. Settle on a price and destination before taking the ride and insist on being taken directly to your requested destination.

Motorcycle Rental: At the moment there is a ban on tourists driving motorcycles and cars in Sihanoukville. It is not clear whether the ban is permanent or will be lifted at some point in the future. Prior to the ban, most of the tourist-oriented businesses in town rented motorcycles, including most guesthouses and hotels, the bus companies, travel/tour companies and even restaurants. 100cc bikes were between $3-$5/day. Fewer places rented 250cc bikes but they were still readily available at about $7-$8/day. 100cc is more than sufficient for travel in town and to the beaches. Most places required a passport as security. Always lock your motorcycle or leave it in guarded parking. Motorcycle theft is not uncommon.

Car Rental: Car rental (with diver) can be arranged through your hotel or travel agent. Taxis at the downtown bus and taxi station are also available for private hire. Cars cost around $20/day with driver. They can also be hired for short jaunts in town ($4-$6) and specific trips such as sunset mountain ($10) the waterfalls ($15) or Ream ($17).


Selling points

  • A Nice, peaceful beach.
  • One of the best beaches in Sihanoukville
  • Best for teenagers
  • Less busy and very clean water
  • Best place for relaxing
3 days for backpackers in Sihanoukville

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Independence Beach, Krong Preah Sihanouk, Preah Sihanouk, Cambodia

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Tips for you

  • - This is mostly a public beach, but the beach around Indepence Hotel charges a $5 fee.
    Ticket and Pricing
  • - You shouldn't be there to swim with your young children because of the deep and water is a bit unpredictable
  • - A new resort is also being built at the opposite end of the beach to the Independence Hotel. - Right next to the Independence Beach is the Sokha Beach on its western side.
    Things nearby
  • - The name 'Independence' suggests that you can literally feel liberated in the freshness of the sea, sand and nature.
    Things to do


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Half the beach is cut off due to development further up which is a shame as the other half was too 'touristy' for my liking, only saw one vendor though and she was very polite and not pushy.

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This is not free-paid beach, but it is very amasing place. There is very nice walking path and in the end you can see amazing view: a lot of big stones shore. You can stay here and enjoy the sea view and silence... In this location you can see a lot of crabs.. they have very interesting colors)) but this is a littel be expencive place((

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Quieter than Serendipity beach but the restaurants are just as good if not better. The fruit shakes are delicious. Gets busier at weekends when you get Cambodian families from Phnom Pehn coming for a weekend break.

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Very clean beach, easy to get a chair on the sand or up at the bar area under those huge trees for shade. Nice spot to sit back and relax.

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