Imamiya Ebisu Shrine

Attraction 4 Chome-1-1 Tamagawa Fukushima Ward, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 553-0004, Japan Published on: 28-07-2016

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Imamiya Ebisu Shrine is amongst the most popular little shrines in Osaka because it's dedicated to Ebisu the god of fishermen, luck and by extension business.

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Why Imamiya Ebisu Shrine is special ?

Imamiya Ebisu-jinja, located in Naniwa-ku, Osaka, is known affectionately by the local people as "Ebessan." Tradition has it that when the prince and statesman Shotoku-taishi built Shitenno-ji in present day Osaka-shi, this shrine was also built for the purpose of warding off evil spirits believed to come from the west of the temple. The shrine is sacred to deities such as Amaterasu-O-mikami (the sun goddess) and Kotoshironushi-no-mikoto. It was once venerated as the home to the god of fisheries, but with changing times came to be considered as the home of the god of commerce. The To-ka Ebisu Festival, which takes place for three days around 10 January, bustles with up to a million spectators.


What to explore at Imamiya Ebisu Shrine?

This shrine, which was founded in 600 by the order of Prince Shotoku, is visited annually by a million people, who pray to Ebessan, a god of business, for commercial prosperity. During the Toka Ebisu Festival, people buy sacred bamboo branches decorated with lucky items in hopes for the success of their businesses. Many visit the shrine during the three days of Jan. 9 through 11, especially on the day of Toka Ebisu (held on the 10th).


How to get to Imamiya Ebisu Shrine?

Nankai Imamiyaebisu Sta.,Subway Ebisu-cho Sta./Daikokucho Sta.,JR Shin-Imamiya Sta.

Selling points

  • A sacred temple
  • A historical place
  • Peaceful moment at Ebisu Shrine
  • One of the beautiful shrines in Osaka
  • A great temple
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4 Chome-1-1 Tamagawa Fukushima Ward, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 553-0004, Japan

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The Imamiya Ebisu Shrine is dedicated to Ebessan, the God of business and prosperity and was established around the year 600. Just few steps from there it's a very small temple named Naniwaji temple, built in the Meiji era so don't forget to turn right once you leave Imamiya Ebisu.

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