Restaurant 1 Chome-22-7 Jinnan Shibuya-ku, Tōkyō-to 150-8330 Japan Published on: 09-04-2016

9.00 - 18.00 USD

Ichiran is good for

Good for family with kids Family with kids Good
Good for senior Senior Good
Good for couple Couple Good
Good for solo Solo Good
Good for group Group Good
  • Highly recommended by fellow travellers.
Ichiran Ramen 一蘭 is known as one of the best ramen in Japan, if not the best – mass market wise.

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Why Ichiran is special ?

Ask any Hong Konger or even Singaporeans which is their favourite ramen from Japan, the answer is likely to be Ichiran. Though the Japanese themselves would have extremely varied replies.

The shop was founded in Hakata Fukuoka way back in the 1960s. Hakata ramen is characterised by its thin, long, firm noodles, usually whiter in colour.

Its winning formula can be attributed to the creamy smooth classic pork-based tonkotsu soup, topped with Ichiran’s original red pepper sauced mixed with 3 type of spices.

For those who have never bought ramen from a vending machine before, the experience can be quite stressful, especially when there is a long queue behind you.

Here’s what to do so that you do not get lost

Step 1: Purchase ramen ticket from vending machine

For more crowded shops, you may have to queue even before purchasing the meal tickets from the vending machine. Get your notes and coins ready to buy the ramen ticket, and any accompanying ingredients such as egg, extra spring onions and seaweed.

Step 2: Queue

This can take anything from 10 min to half an hour or more (perhaps accompanied by other tourists with armed with guide books.) Come during off peak periods.

Step 3: Customise ramen

Circle the order chit on the preference of your ramen, such as flavour strength, richness, garlic, green onion, amount of red sauce and noodles’ texture. For first timers, pick ‘medium’ or ‘regular’ most items, and ‘half’ for red sauce.

Step 4: Look out for vacant seat panel

A lighted up panel will show which seats are available. Look out for the kanji character in blue that reflects ‘empty’, but staff should be around to help you.

Step 5: Proceed to booth

Booths are all individual seating. There is a retractable window in which all you see are the staff’s hands. They will speak to you in Japanese. Say “Hai, arigatoo!”, pass your order sheet and ramen ticket. Wait 5 minutes, and eat.

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Selling points

  • Best Ramen Ever!
  • Good ramen in the middle of Shibuya
  • Fantastic ramen!
  • Always worth visiting
  • An interesting Ramen experience


  • Noise level Normal
  • Budget Medium
  • Alcohol NO
  • Air condition YES
  • Had kid menu NO
  • Accept credit card NO
  • Serve breakfast YES
  • Serve halal NO
  • Serve vegeterian NO
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1 Chome-22-7 Jinnan Shibuya-ku, Tōkyō-to 150-8330 Japan

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Tips for you

  • First you choose your main selection and pay at the machines near the entrance. When you sit down they will give you a slip of paper to chose your options.
    Things to do
  • They also allow you to customize every part of your ramen dish.
  • Each person gets their own individual stall to eat in (you can sit in stall next to one another if you came with friends) and you pre-order your food when your in line.
  • They have a new shop in Shibuya so if the queue is too long check that out.
  • Avoid meal hours for a shorter queue and the spicy sauce can be quite spicy so be warned.


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Ever since visiting Japan 1 year ago I've been trying to find a place that does Ramen as good as Ichiran. My search has so far come up empty. The chilli sauce, noodles and soup are so delicable you will always want to come back for more. My friend brought me back the instant ramen and I have to say it is much better than almost all ramen available in Australia in restaurants. They only serve one type of ramen and they do it to perfection.

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Wow, this spot was amazing! Not only does it offer incredibly good ramen, but it is also a very cool experience. Each person gets their own individual stall to eat in (you can sit in stalls next to one another if you came with friends) and you pre-order your food when your in line. Thus, once you sit down, you just press a button to let the kitchen staff know you are in the stall and from that point forward you don't see the face of any staff whatsoever. The kitchen simply opens the window to your stall to serve you your delicious bowl of ramen and whatever else you ordered and then the close it to give you full privacy while you sit and enjoy your ramen. It is quite an awesome experience and there is nothing like it in the United States. Note that this is a very popular ramen spot and my fiancé and I had to wait in line for an hour, but it was well worth it (and this is coming from a guy who never wants to wait in a line longer than 20 minutes). Visited April 2016

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