Hozomon Tokyo

Attraction 2 Chome-3 Asakusa Taitō-ku, Tōkyō-to 111-0032 Published on: 26-02-2016

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Hozomon Tokyo is a unique symbol of Sensoji Temple as well as Tokyo. Hozomon Gate contains the very famous and massive red paper lantern that you must visit when you are in Tokyo.

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Why Hozomon Tokyo is special ?

The portal is that has giant straw sandals are hanging on one side. "Hozo" means treasure house, because there are a lot of Sensoji Temple treasures stored here. In front of the gate pitch, the right side is the tomb Kasakura, left the five-story pagoda and power Dempoin.

The current gate was constructed with funds provided by Yonetaro Otani, founder of the Hotel New Otani, one of Tokyo's major hotels. Senso-ji's sanmon, a type of gate that stands in front of a temple's main hall, the Hozomon Gate features a triple-compartment internal structure. The top two compartments consist of storerooms, complete with modern disaster-prevention equipment, to hold Senso-ji's treasures and Buddhist objects.

What to explore at Hozomon Tokyo?

There a lot of souvenir shops before reaching the temple.

Hozomon gate and the Sensoji temple is amazing architecture in this very active shrine which plays an active role in the lives of many Japanese.

The pagoda here, when lit up at night, was mesmerizing! You can even breathe in the incense that burns in one of the pits near the main temple, which everyone seemed amused to be doing. If you love people watching, this place is for you. Always activity all around! There is no fee to just walk around and explore, unless you go to the altar for an offering.

It's very crowded by day and a bit more relaxed late in the evening once all the vendors have closed shop. Once the crowds go away, you can feel the mystic charm lying all around this area.

Selling points

  • Japanese National Treasure
  • A complete collection ofBuddhist scriptures
  • Important Cultural Property
  • Important Cultural Property
  • The largest and most prominent lantern
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2 Chome-3 Asakusa Taitō-ku, Tōkyō-to 111-0032

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Tips for you

  • You should try an Ice cream with sake taste
  • On the 1st day of January, this place is really crowded. At night, it is less crowed so you could visit easier. You are suggested to come early in the morning to avoid the crowd
  • It is very crowded so you should pay attention to your personal belongings.
  • There is a ramen shop very close to the temple.
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  • The garden around the temple is very beautiful.
    Things nearby
  • Inside the temple, people are throwing coins into this big box and they pray, so beware of arms waving and coins throwing everywhere.
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It was a great day experience in Hozomon Tokyo. I love this place very much. Hozomon is one of the 2 main gates of Sensoji temple. The unique feature of this gate is it has giant straw sandals which are hanging on one side. "Hozo" in Hozomon means treasure house, because there are a lot of Sensoji Temple treasures stored here. In front of the gate is a main pitch, the right side is the tomb Kasakura, the left side is the five-story pagoda and Dempoin temple.

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