House of the Dancing Water

Attraction City of Dreams Macau, Macau, China Published on: 10-10-2016

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The House of Dancing Water is a water-based stage production written and directed by Franco Dragone. The show, which was the second water show by Franco Dragone's company, premiered in September 2010.

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Why House of the Dancing Water is special ?

The House of Dancing Water's breathtaking show is staged in the purpose-built Dancing Water Theater which features approximately 2,000 seats and is designed by world renowned Sandi Pei of Pei Partnership.A Must-see ExperienceThe House of Dancing Water is housed in a purpose-built theater designed with many breakthroughs including a stage pool that holds a record-breaking 3.7 million gallons of water, equivalent to 5 Olympic-sized swimming pools. This state-of-the-art theater provides the setting for an epic love story and spectacular journey through time, showcasing dazzling costumes, special effects and record breaking acts never seen before in a theater.The show is a must-see experience you'll want to relive over and over again. Be sure to catch it, only at City of Dreams, Macau.


What to explore at House of the Dancing Water?

Performing in the tailor made 2,000-seat Dancing Water Theater, by a cast of nearly 100 international artists, The House of Dancing Water is a spectacular love story that transcends time and space.

The show is set in an extraordinary magical kingdom that takes audiences on an awe-inspiring and emotional journey. The show incorporates mesmerizing special effects, dazzling costumes and visual treats with the most breathtaking acrobatics, artistic and aerial performances. The House of Dancing Water has received rave reviews by audiences and critics alike and has been hailed as one of the most imaginative theatrical extravaganzas ever produced


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  • “Absolutely stunning”
  • “Perfection! Passion! Professionalism!”
  • “A feast for your senses"
  • "Absolutely stunning and enthralling!”
  • “Takes your breath away!”
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City of Dreams Macau, Macau, China

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Tips for you

  • hey also sell food, which you can bring inside the theater, at the snack bar.
  • Join as a City of Dreams Member a first and you'll get a discount on tickets and resturants.
  • This is a must see event if you are in Macau especially for adults.
  • They have certain seats that will get you wet, but they provide raincoats and blankets, so you have nothing to worry about.
  • This show is suitable for most age groups.


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This show is a visual feast for the eyes entertaining our family of four including our 13yr and 11yr old daughters. My youngest is a competitive swimmer and now wants to do diving after seeing this show, the performers are such talented athletes and since seeing the show I have been you tubing it to see behind the scenes how they do it, as it's just so amazing! If you want to be picky the story line is a little weak and the motorcycles are a little out of context but good on them for trying to weave it into the storyline, I was so into the stunts, costumes and captivated by the changing stage that they could make up any storyline and the show would be amazing! You must see this show! We did a day trip from Hong Kong to see it and we would have been crazy to be so close and not make the effort to travel 1 hour to watch it! Go see it you won't be disappointed we stumbled across it at the sightseeing desk at our hotel we hadn't heard of it so we feel lucky we went, I don't want to oversell it but it really is that good!!! IF YOU ARE STAYING IN HONG KONG - Do a day trip to Macau 1 hour on the turbo jet each way and make sure you see the House of Dancing Water it's reasonably expensive $600 NZD for our family but would go again in a heartbeat. Don't leave Hong Kong without seeing it!!!! The Venetian is also amazing, having been to Vegas this is bigger than Vegas with 3 gondola canals and the shopping is also good at the Venetian. We had a crazy gondola ride with an Italian guy, he had locals following him (groupies) he was funny and entertaining wish I could list his name he had us all laughing and was a fantastic singer singing frozen 'let it go' for our daughters. Have fun! Visited May 2015

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I choose the seat A-2nd to front row and doesn't even bother to get wet. Surely fantastic show worth it!

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To call something 'unique' may be hackneyed and overused, but House of Dancing Water is unique. That is, like nothing else.A fast paced imaginative theatre experience with a stage is a deep circular pool of water. the actors and actresses are stunningly talented athletes, the lighting and music are remarkable and laced with some humor and even a mind-blowing motor cycle routine.Choose VIP, A, B or C seats. For us, B seats were fine

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we saw this show during its premier back in 2009 and returned for another view. Still spectacular and entertaining with the divers jumping from high grounds into small pools appearing on the stage from time to time. The coordination is amazing as any timing errors will result in divers hitting solid ground. We were thrilled with the perfect executions.Stay away from the seats near the stage or bring towels.The show is at par with many of the Vegas shows and has to be the top attraction in Macau.It is still drawing huge crowds after so many years.Not to be missed.

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It was one of the best show I ever seen till date and it was over all amazing 90 minutes of fun, I missed it last time 2 years ago but till this i specially booked and watched it and it was worth the price tough it was bit pricy but worth overall, I feel its must watch and one of the best attraction in macau and simply loved it

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