Honkawa Peace Museum

Attraction 1 Chome-5-39 Honkawacho Naka Ward, Hiroshima, Hiroshima Prefecture 730-0802 Japan Published on: 27-02-2016

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Honkawa Elementary School located within 410m of the burst point, the closest place to the center of the explosion was one of the worst hit places.

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Why Honkawa Peace Museum is special ?

Honkawa National School was constructed in 1928 as the first three-story reinforced concrete building for a public elementary school in Hiroshima City. The L-shaped school building, which was built on a block/site plan, had a hall and a "shoe-off" area, as well as a dust chute that collected dust from the second and third floors. Also, the school building had a modern structure incorporating arched designs for the openings on the first floor and the front entrance. The school was exposed to the A-bombing 410 m from ground zero, and then was repeatedly repaired and renovated until opening in 1988 as a peace museum, where visitors can observe exhibits collected from the A-bombed site.

Source: http://www.hiroshima-navi.or.jp/

What to explore at Honkawa Peace Museum?

The exhibition room includes photos showing conditions after the bombing and items that survived the bombing. The underground floor has also been preserved as a memorial to mourn and pray for the many people who died in the bombing.

Source: http://www.nhk.or.jp/

How to get to Honkawa Peace Museum?

Take the Hiroshima Electric Railway from Hiroshima Sta. and get off at Honkawa-cho Sta. (2 min. walk from the station)

Selling points

  • The bomb atrocities in Education
  • Better than Memorial Peace Museum
  • School Ruins turned into a Museum
  • Learning many useful lessons
  • An ancient school
A wonderful trip to Hiroshima with kids

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1 Chome-5-39 Honkawacho Naka Ward, Hiroshima, Hiroshima Prefecture 730-0802 Japan

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Tips for you

  • From the atomic dome, it's a short walk across the bridge to the school.
    What to know
  • Upstairs are many photos and relics from the blast including clothing, pottery and marbles.
    What to see


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It was a short walk from streetcar Honkawa-cho stop. The school entrance gate was wide opened and it was easy to miss the sign “Honkawa Peace Museum”. Definitely worth a visit. Remnants of destruction of ancient school were captured at the basement. Walls were scorched by heat during bombing and the balcony pillars of Atomic Bomb Dome were available for visitors to touch. Ground floor had photos displaying school, children and teachers pre and post war, ruined objects, etc. First go to school office on the right for a free visitor access pass to visit the part of Honkawa Municipal Elementary School which has been preserved as a museum.

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