Hongluo Temple

Attraction No.2 Hongluodong Road, Huairou District, Beijing 101400, China Published on: 08-08-2016

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The Hongluo Temple is one of the largest and most extensive Buddhist temples located in northern Beijing. Hongluo Temple is a combination of cultural heritage and natural landscape.

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Why Hongluo Temple is special ?

Hongluo Temple is a temple that is 4 kilometers away from the north of Huairou District in Beijing. It covers an area of 8 square kilometers and integrates the natural landscape with man-made features.

Built in the fourth year of the Xiankang (咸康) - a period of the Dongjin Dynasty, Hongluo Temple was renovated during Tang Dynasty. It was called Daming Temple at the time, and changed its name to “Huguozifu Temple” during the Ming Dynasty. This is how the Hongluo Temple received its popular name. The temple that we know as the Hongluo Temple today is one of the original sites for the practice of Buddhism in northern China. It is also regarded as the premiere ancient temple in Northern China. It has been said that the Hongluo Temple in north China is similar to the Putuo Temple in south China.

Source: http://r.visitbeijing.com.cn/

What to explore at Hongluo Temple?

The resort consists of three principal attractions: the temple itself, the Hongluo Mountain and the Kwanyin Temple. The area has much to offer the visitors throughout the year, with blossoming flowers in spring, cool temperatures in summer, golden leaves in autumn and snow covered plum blossoms, bamboos and pines in winter.

Hongluo Mountain is rich with verdant greenery and is dotted with traditional-style pavilions, but is most well-known for playing host to the Hongluo Temple

The temple sits against the backdrop of the mountain while is fronted by a large lake and an entrance gate marked by a large engraved pailou (arch). The building itself consists of five halls, each used for worshipping different gods.

To the east of the Hongluo Temple runs a large stretch of pine trees. Among them stand 500 life-size arhat statues and a variety of stone carvings depicting images of the Chinese zodiac, providing visitors with an understanding of traditional Chinese culture and the Buddhist faith.

The Kwan-yin Temple lies towards the centre of the mountain. It is comprised of three halls, mainly dedicated to the worship of Kwan-yin, the Buddha who helps those in tribulation on earth. There are 108 steps between the main hall and the rear hall. These are supposed to represent the 108 human vexations, which, it is said, are each dispelled as the individual treads over them.

The Hongluo Temple Tourist Resort provides numerous other opportunities for its visitors: activities include fishing, barbecue parties and festivals in celebration of the chrysanthemums and plum blossoms. These, combined with the picturesque surroundings, make it an ideal location for both relaxing and having fun.

Source: https://www.beijingtrip.com/

How to get to Hongluo Temple?

1) Bus no. 936 departs from Beijing's commuter-bus hub station ("Beijing Dongzhimen") during the hours 7:00AM to 5:00PM daily, and goes directly to the temple.

2) One can also take bus no. 916 to the center of Huairou county, then switch to a taxi.

3) On weekends (Sat-Sun) and on public holidays, special tourist buses – bus nos. 6 and 16 – also service the temple and its environs.

Source: http://www.chinatravel.com/

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  • The best places to enjoy fall foliage
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No.2 Hongluodong Road, Huairou District, Beijing 101400, China

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Tips for you

  • There are souvenir shops sell a variety of religious mementos, including figures of Buddha as well as various Buddhist tracts, sutras, etc.
  • For whom dont want to climb the mountain, there is a cable car, and for thrill seekers, one can also take the chute down instead of the cable car.
    Things to do
  • Once you walk in you walk through a beautiful bamboo forest that has a few adorable cats living inside them.
    What to see
  • Food & drink: There are a number of teahouses and restaurants at the site.
  • The Hongluo Temple is 55 kilometers from downtown Beijing
  • If you happen to visit the temple during January 1st to 6th in the Chinese lunar calendar, the temple fair cannot be missed.
  • The hill behind the temple provides some beautiful views over more hills and lakes


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it is a must for a day trip from the Great Wall at Mutianyu. this is one of the moste relaxing places in China. in the park there are the 500 Buddhas which create a special atmosphere.The temple covers a huge area across the mountains with a nice view from the top from it.and from one of the mountains you can have a ride with a coaster down.... spirituell and commerce fits perfect together... The kids love this beside the huge places andwe always came back to this place and enjoy this unique area!

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it is 1.5 hours drive from 3rd ring, i love the place, great for kids and adults.

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I believe we must have come to this place on the best date of this year, 1-Nov-12. The weather was superb, cloudless blue sky, temperature in the teens. The gingko trees in the temple were beautiful. It only took us one and a half hour drive to Hongluo Temple. From Hongluo Temple, it was another 20mins drive to Mutianyu. We spent Rmb 600 to hire a private car and Rmb 40 on toll fees. The sky became hazy the next day and Beijing was hit by snow storm on 3-Nov. We're so lucky.

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