Hlawga Wildlife Park

Attraction Satthwadaw Myanmar (Burma) Published on: 11-11-2016

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Hlawga National Park is a national park located in Mingaladon, Yangon Division, Myanmar, 22 miles (35 km) north of Yangon.

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Why Hlawga Wildlife Park is special ?

The Hlawga Wildlife Park makes a nice day or half-day trip from Yangon. It consists of a ‘mini-zoo’ with monkeys, bears, birds, cats, crocodiles, snakes and deer in enclosures; as well as a larger safari-type park.

In the safari park are free-roaming monkeys and deer along with captive elephants and hippopotamus. Five-minute elephant rides are possible for 1000 kyat. There are also plenty of places to buy food to feed the animals, several picnic sites and a restaurant and coffee shop on the grounds.

Hlawga Wildlife Park also features a number of huts (5000 kyat) and chalets (20000 kyat) that can be rented for day use only (overnight stays are not possible). The idea being to relax among the lake-dotted natural scenery for a day, possibly with a keg of beer.

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What to explore at Hlawga Wildlife Park?

Hlawga Park is about 45 minutes drive from downtown. The park covers 1,650 acres of land including the Hlawga Lake , which is a home for over 70 kinds of herbivorous animals and 90 species of birds. It has a museum of the replica of Myanmar traditional buildings and a small zoo with rock garden. Flocks of migratory birds frequently visit the park. It is an ideal place for picnickers, naturalists, botanists and bird-watchers. Visitor can also enjoy elephant rides, boating and fishing in the park.

The area of Hlawga Wildlife Park is (1540) acres, comprising a wildlife park (818 acres), a buffer zone (660 area), and a mini-zoo (62 acres) including other various recreation centres.

There are (4) recreation centers around Kanthayar Lake with the area of (30) acres in it, and (245) plant species and over (100) herbal plants.

One can, enjoy adventurous waling into the forest foot paths, birds lovers can observe over (160) species of migratory birds and water-flows / water birds. One can feel happy while one can be watching the birds as well as the beauty of natural park from the watch house on the bi-joint of the trees as a aerial or bird-eyes view. Hlawga Wildlife Park is one of the good recreation centers for all visitors. One can enjoy the beauty of the park while relaxing in the well-built rest-houses.

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How to get to Hlawga Wildlife Park?

The park is best explored in a car, via the 5-kilometre-long (3-mile-long) driveway that cuts through it. The setting is a great place to draw, paint or observe animals up close.

Source: http://www.mmtimes.com/

Selling points

  • Interesting wildlife park
  • DayTrip to Hlawga
  • Lots of fun to feed the monkeys
  • A relatively good zoo
  • Picnic and a safari

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Tips for you

  • This park is 45min drive from Yangon Int'l Airport.
  • You can also have an elephant ride in the park and there are 3 picnic spots in the park.
    Things to do
  • The popular activities in the park are bird watching, elephant rides, boating and fishing and so on.
    Things to do
  • You can enjoy the beauty of the park while relaxing in the well-built rest-houses.
    Things to do


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This park is a lot of fun. My friends and I only had about an hour to spend here, but we easily could have spent much longer. After purchasing our entrance tickets (around USD $5, or 5,000 kyats, for foreigners) and a LOT of bananas (3,500 kyats for a bundle as big as a grown man can carry), we proceeded into the park. Once inside, there are a series of places to stop along the main driving path. Each stop consists of a place to pull the vehicle over and an area to walk around. Sometimes we would get out and walk around without going very far, and one time we took a 15-20 minute hike on a trail which included a walk across a long, suspended wooden bridge. Every so often we would encounter a group of monkeys, eager to receive a handout. I was surprised that none of the monkeys seemed aggressive, and they each patiently waited for us to stick our hands out offering bananas. The monkeys would walk right up and grab the banana out of our hands before running a few feet away to eat it. A few times we even tossed bananas into the trees and the monkeys would catch them. We also encountered several very tame deer that let us feed them as well. All in all, this was a really fun stop to make.

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