Hiroshimagokoku Shrine

Attraction 21-2 Motomachi Naka Ward, Hiroshima, Hiroshima Prefecture 730-0011 Japan Published on: 27-02-2016

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Hiroshima city's Gokoku-jinja is a large shrine next to Hiroshima Castle and is always bustling with activity. There are many religious ceremonies and special events held here throughout the year.

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Why Hiroshimagokoku Shrine is special ?

”Gokoku” shrines are Shinto shrines designated as places of worship for those who have died in war. Like the controversial Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo, what became Hiroshima’s Gokoku Shrine was also originally constructed in 1868 to commemorate the Hiroshima-han victims of the Boshin War.

78 souls (柱/hashira) were enshrined in the Futaba-no-sato shrine named Mikureisha (水草霊社). Eventually the total number of souls enshrined reached 92,700; the soldiers from the former aki-no-kuni (now western Hiroshima Prefecture) who died in Japan’s wars up until the start of the Great East Asian War (as the 2nd World War post Pearl Harbor is known in Japan) and some 10,000 workers and volunteer corps stationed in Hiroshima who lost their lives to the A-Bomb.

In 1934 it was dismantled, rebuilt in a corner of the west wing of the military parade ground, where the Hiroshima Municipal Baseball Stadium stood until the end of 2008, and renamed Kansaishoukonsha (官祭商塊社) . In 1939 its name was changed by order of the Interior Ministry to the Hiroshima Gokokujinja. In 1945 it was destroyed by the atomic bombing, and rebuilt on the current site within the grounds of Hiroshima Castle in 1956 with the aid of donations from the citizens of Hiroshima. The current main building is even more recent, rebuilt in 1995, when the grand stone slab approach was also added.

There are ceremonies held throughout the year and Gokoku Shrine is one of the most popular places in Hiroshima for celebrating hatsumode at when over half a million people pack the concourse in the first seven days of the year. The local baseball team also make a spring visit to pray for a successful season every year in March.

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What to explore at Hiroshimagokoku Shrine?

Often, you will find visitors doing religious rites to celebrate their child's birth or children come dressed in beautiful kimono to observe Shichi-go-san (when kids turn 7, 5 and 3). In January, the shrine is busy with many young adults celebrating their Seijin-no-hi (Coming of Age Day), but at any time of the year you might find students praying for good luck on a test or to get into their dream school or job; young couples wishing for a good marriage or children and many more people visiting this shrine for luck and fortune.

Even the more mudane practices can seem interesting to visitors- car blessings, good luck charm purchases, writing and hanging of Ema wish plaques and prayers at the altar for luck and happiness.

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How to get to Hiroshimagokoku Shrine?

By bus

Bus lines run through Hiroshima and out to the suburbs. Generally speaking, these serve areas more likely to be used by locals than visitors, but #30 runs to the Hiroshima Youth Hostel (see Sleep). Signs include English, and buses depart next to the tram depot in front of JR Hiroshima Station.

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Selling points

  • Temple in Hiroshima Castel
  • Stylish and beautiful Shrine
  • A busy modern shrine in downtown Hiroshima
  • Modern structure
  • Many special events
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21-2 Motomachi Naka Ward, Hiroshima, Hiroshima Prefecture 730-0011 Japan

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Tips for you

  • There are ceremonies held here throughout the year.
  • Along the way there are countless food stalls, souvenir stalls and many other shops.


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From a variety of beauty contained in Hiroshima Castel complex with a large area, you will find a beautiful Temple as a place of worship for the people of Japan in the past and is still used today.

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