Hiroshima Botanical Park

Attraction 〒731-5156 3-495 Kurashige, Saeki-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima Published on: 29-07-2016

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The Hiroshima Botanical Garden opened in 1976 (Showa 51) as a social education facility for the purpose of promoting environmental preservation and the spread of knowledge related to plant life.

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Why Hiroshima Botanical Park is special ?

The Hiroshima Botanical Garden (広島市植物公園) is located to the west of Hiroshima City in Itsukaichi. They have played in important role since they opened in 1976 in preserving rare native plant species from Japan and from around the world through seed exchange programs with around 200 other institutes in 34 countries.

The garden is most popular during the spring time but its large greenhouses and temperature controlled buildings ensure that at least something is blooming all year round. This municipal botanical garden is well worth a visit as their collection of plants is world class even if they haven't quite matched the same level of excellence in their presentation of their plants.

Source: http://japan.apike.ca/

What to explore at Hiroshima Botanical Park?

The large 21 meter tall greenhouse in the center of the garden has around 1,000 different tropical plants. Tropical fruits, orchids, palm trees and nearly every other famous plant from the region has a representative specimen on display. It a a remarkable collection of plants and a incredible space but a lack of clear presentation leaves one feeling overwhelmed rather than awed. In total, around 15,000 plants grow in the greenhouse.

Next door, the water lily greenhouse is almost as good with 50 species from various areas of the world. Among them is the Victoria Water Lily (Victoria amazonica) which is largest in the world and possibly the most famous. Every year around August, to the delight (or terror) of children, the garden holds an event and allows them to have their photo taken on top of the lily pad.

Source: http://japan.apike.ca/

How to get to Hiroshima Botanical Park?

The Hiroshima Botanical Garden is located far away from central Hiroshima City to the west along the coast in Itsukaichi. Actually, the garden are more in the hills overlooking the city than in it. The nearest train station is an hour walk away from the garden. The only reasonable way to reach the Hiroshima Botanical Garden is by bus or car. Buses going to the garden leave from the Hiroshima Bus Center and JR Itsukaichi Station. A number of buses from Itsukaichi Station don't stop at the park but have a bus stop which is a short 10-15 minute walk from the park.

Source: http://japan.apike.ca/

Selling points

  • An assortment of collections of plants and animals
  • Beautiful and large facility
  • .Great for family with kids
  • So much to see
  • Lots of flowers year around
A wonderful trip to Hiroshima with kids

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〒731-5156 3-495 Kurashige, Saeki-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima

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Tips for you

  • There are delicious fruit smoothies and soft-serve ice-cream at the Log House cafe near the Begonia enclosure.
  • The garden is closed on Fridays.
  • The gardens also host special events throughout the year featuring seasonal flora.
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I really like this place, spacious, and has an assortment of collections of plants and animals. Such as the common occurrence of various places I visited in Japan, information in English is very difficult to obtain, even if the provider of the information has tried to give an explanation, but in Japanese :)

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