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Remote Hidden Valley Springs Perez Calauan Laguna Philippines Published on: 13-11-2015

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Hidden Valley, South of Manila, is situated in a 110 hectare crater, 300 feet deep and believed to have been formed by volcanic activity.

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Why Hidden Valley is special ?

Hidden Valley, South of Manila, is situated in a 110 hectare crater, 300 feet deep and believed to have been formed by volcanic activity. Hidden Valley Springs is a secluded and private resort, and naturally landscaped. It has irresistible natural thermal pools with tropical plants, giant ferns and century old trees as backdrop. The towering Amlang trees are known to be more than 300 years old, making Hidden Valley Laguna indeed a tropical rainforest paradise.

Hidden Valley is between Mount Makiling and Mount Banahaw, known as the origin of these natural springs with varying temperatures and waterfalls. Composing of pure mineral waters, that are said to be medicinal and rejuvenating.

Source: http://www.shore2shore-travel-services.com/

What to explore at Hidden Valley?

The natural springs and waterfalls are surrounded by lush vegetation, including approximately 153 species of plant life and towering Amlang trees reported to be more than 300 years old.

Six natural pools can be enjoyed, including two shallow kiddie pools and one natural Jacuzzi, and a secluded lovers pool. The pools are really safe too. All are relatively shallow and not too hot.

Geology lovers will adore discovering the history of the springs. It is believed that hundreds of centuries ago, a 300-feet deep crater was formed during a volcanic upheaval (Hidden Valley is wedged betwwen Mount Makiling and Mount Banahaw). Consequently, more than a hundred natural springs of varying temperatures surfaced, composed of pure mineral waters that are said to be medicinal and rejuvenating.

Aside from swimming, another activity is hiking/strolling in the surrounding rainforest. You can follow the path to scattered springs and the “hidden waterfall” through wooden bridgeways and stoned pathways.

Maya spotted a big lizard as well, which kept the little nature lover entertained for at least half an hour.

Hidden Valley has an open air restaurant that serves buffet meals. The food was healthy, fresh and tasty – just what is needed after an afternoon lounging in healing waters.

Source: http://www.lagunatravelguide.com/

How to get to Hidden Valley?

As with most out of town excursions in the Philippines it is best to hire a car and driver.

From Manila, you may take the South Luzon Expressway to Exit 52 (Batangas & Lucena) and head towards Batangas. Turn left when you see the Junction Inn Mansion. When you reach the “Y” intersection, take the left lane going to Alaminos. You will notice the sign that says Hidden Valley is about 4.5kms.

You will pass by the Rural Bank of Alaminos, then the Church of Alaminos (on the left side of the street). Just behind the Church, turn left and follow the signs to the resort about 4 kms.

Source: http://www.lagunatravelguide.com/

Selling points

  • “Respite from Metro Manila”
  • “Get close to nature”
  • “Great short Getaway from Manila”
  • “Cozy and adventurous resort...”
  • “An unforgettable stay”
3  nice days in Manila with my family

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Hidden Valley Springs Perez Calauan Laguna Philippines

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Tips for you

  • The trip is well worth the price they charge for day trip.
  • The main problem with this place is the cost of a nights stay. It is very expensive.
  • Just make sure to go early so you can fully maximize your day trip.
  • Be sure to visit the hidden falls for an even more natural feel. Just be careful of bees.
  • Be sure to have cash with you as their credit card machine doesn't work sometimes
  • Over all, resort is very good for couples and family
  • It is just far from Manila and hard to find if you go on your own or a with a driver
  • The water is very clear and warm coming from an underground spring


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es, it takes almost 2 hours to get there...yes, the entry fee is expensive even for foreigners...but if you are on vacation in the Philippines, this cannot be missed! My family have stayed here overnight and have complained about the cramp accommodations..., however if you want to go here for the day, you should get here early in the morning, swim until lunch, eat a good selection (buffet) of Philippine food, swim until the afternoon (4pm), shower and dry up, eat a good selection of Philippine "merienda" (afternoon snacks), then head home. The setting is a tropical jungle, with giant plants and trees. Don't forget your camera! In this think jungle you have a number of pools to choose from all fed by natural spring water. Enjoy the first pool as much as possible since it is extremely clean and clear (like swimming in bottled water!). Once you get tired of one pool, move to the next. By the time you are done with the last pool, and it seems like you have had enough, you discover that there is a huge waterfall that you can hike to 10 minutes away. The hike isn't difficult at all so make sure you don't skip it. Bring your camera to not only take pictures of the waterfall, but also of the biggest tropical tree you will ever see (probably more than 100 years old!). When you are done from the hike, jump in the pool again to cool off before changing and having your afternoon snack. I can’t complain much about this beautiful place, but if there is one thing, it’s the tourist buses which seems to cater to Koreans. Most of the time I’ve been there, there are hardly any people (probably because of the price), however there has been one occasion where there were at least 2-3 tourist buses…still plenty of pools to choose from if yours become too crowded! Tired of the hustle, bustle, and polution of Manila? Head here early for the day and leave your stress behind.

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Nice relaxing place to stay. Water was clear and fresh. My son has enzema which was not aggrevated by the pool water. The soda pool was really good for his skin condition.

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