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Attraction Hefang Street, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou 310002, China Published on: 30-08-2016

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Hefang Old Street is a historical cultural street area located at the foot of the scenic Wushan Hill of southern Hangzhou and quite close to the famous West Lake.

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Why Hefang Street is special ?

Hefang Old Street is the one and only best preserved urban area of ancient Hangzhou and is a miniature of the city's history. The legendary Bai'niangzi from an ancient Chinese story had a beautiful love affair in Hefang Street with Xu Xian. Hangzhou was China's capital during the Southern Song Dynasty more than 800 years ago and Hefang Street having many shops, restaurants and taverns. It has passed the test of time after the Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties and it is still being a prosperous marketplace today. Most of the hundred-year old businesses of Hangzhou are located here. Hefang Street had not only been the heart of old Hangzhou but also the commercial center in ancient China. Walking along Hefang Old Street, you can enjoy the nice feeling of eating and shopping. It is otherwise known as the Snack Street for the diverse food it serves. The street clearly concentrates food from all around the country, while at some time highlighting the local flavors. This place is for street food junkies. People eagerly dart from stall to stall, buying some eats and munching away as they seek out the next interesting thing to try.

What to explore at Hefang Street?

Baohetang Pharmacy

Baohetang is a Chinese traditional herbal medicine shop with a long history near one thousand year. It provides treatment and medicines to poor people nearby for free and has a good reputation in Qinghefang. It is also famous in the legend of Lady White; in that legend Xuxian was working as a apprentice in Baohetang when he met his wife Lady White and they began to have a sad but sweet love story. The statue of Xuxian is in front of Baohetang.

Huqingyutang Pharmacy

Built by the businessman Hu Xueyan in the Qing Dynasty (1874), Huqingyutang is now a major cultural relic under national protection. It has an area about 3,000 square meters with a unique design. There are more than 160 pieces of cultural relics collected in it. It is not only a place to provide visitors with decoction of Chinese traditional medicine, but also a place for visitors to appreciate the features of ancient buildings.

Longquan Royal Kiln

Longquan Royal Kiln Porcelain Co, Ltd. is a share-holding company integrating traditional craftwork and modern technology. It mainly shows and sells celadon artwork, especially the artworks of Longquange Kiln which can be trace to Wudai (Five dynasties from the year 907 to 960). Its celadon artworks are very popular with people due to superb craftwork, elegant appearance and priceless collection value.

Wang Xing Ji Fan Store

Wangxingji Fan Store was established in 1875. The traditional fan-making handicraft of 'Wang Xing Ji' has been kept quite intact after having undergone the vicissitudes of history. It mainly produce black paper fans, sandalwood fan, fragrant wood fans, white paper fans, silk fans and dancing fans. Wang Xing Ji Fan, Silk and Longjing tea (Dragon Well tea) were listed as the Three Wonders in Hangzhou.

Zhang Xiaoquan Scissors

Zhang Xiaoquan Scissors are known as one of the 'five prestigious brands in Hangzhou'. The Scissors were named after its maker Zhang Xiaoquan. It is an enterprise specialized in producing various scissors and knives with the largest scale and the most outputs. The business philosophy of the company is to inherit the tradition, keep innovation, pursue excellence and create value.

Taiji Teahouse

It was managed by the offspring of Zheng family which started teahouse business as early as late Emperor Qianlong Period of Qing Dynasty. Taiji Teahouse pays great attention to water quality, tea quality and tea preparation skills. It now has over 6800 disciples and over 530 franchised teahouses at home and abroad. Sit here to taste tea while listen to bagatelle, you can fully feel the historical atmosphere of Qinghefang.

Rongbaozhai Gallery

Hangzhou Rongbaozhai is the branch store of Beijing Rongbaozhai which symbolizes the country's elegant culture. This Rongbaozhai, formerly called Songzhuhai, was established in 1672 in Beijing by the Zhang family originally from Shaoxing. It is the biggest gallery with richest historical culture. Its main business is to sell pens, paper, celebration screen, elegiac couplets and stationery among others. The left part of the store is for books, the right part is for modern arts and crafts, the back part is for modern arts and crafts, the second floor for calligraphy and paintings by celebrities, Chinese ancient stationery and mounting of painting.

Source: https://www.travelchinaguide.com

How to get to Hefang Street?


Take the buses of no.8, No.60, 127, 195, 208 or 216 and get off at the east crossing of Gaoyin Street, or take the buses of Y8, Y10, 25, 35, 51, 108, 187, 212, 327 or 992, and get off at Wushan bus station.

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  • “A fun place to shop”
  • “Perfect Place To Eat and To Shop in Hangzhou”
  • “Stageing of historical street.”
  • “Awesome street food! And nice crafts”
  • “Feeling like back to ancient China”
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Hefang Street, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou 310002, China

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Tips for you

  • Nice street for food and shopping. Highly recommend beggar chicken from Zhuang Yuan Xiao Chi. Juicy tender meat that you just cant stop eating it.
  • Locals don't speak English so unless you have a great map and your destination written down in Chinese, just take a taxi. Although even with a taxi you will need the address in Chinese as there are virtually no taxi drivers that speak English.


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This is the only walking shopping street of Hangzhou. The "old style" street is full of shops, selling mostly local made stuffs, from tea, to cake, swords, chopsticks etc... very interesting, with sound, noise, color, thing... Though we live in Hangzhou, every time we go there with our kids, we always find something fun and interesting to see, or even buy. A must see in Hangzhou.

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You can find many local China famously stuff at this shopping district. Chinese herb, food, tea leaf, art and clothing. Here is the famous district for produce best freen tea "dragon well" or " long jing" so don't miss out to try it and get some back to home. Of cause that is expensive tea leave.

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In 1966 Mao unleashed his Red Guards on China's cultural heritage. They set out to destroy the "Four Olds" - Old Customs, Old Culture, Old Habits, and Old Ideas.Given the breadth of China's long history, the vast majority of relics were preserved including Hangzhou's old town. Even in the early 1990's this was a beautiful part of a beautiful city. One could imagine how life was hundreds of years ago as you wandered down narrow lanes lined with old houses and shops.Mao would be amazed at how efficient the current generation has been in finally wiping the country clean of its ancient neighbourhoods, replacing them with white tiled concrete boxes.They do however, make sure to save one old street for the teeming tourist trade. Lined on both sides with shops selling plastic trinkets, "Ancient Streets" can be found in many Chinese cities, all selling the same wares.Go to Hefang Ie Lu if you want to buy some souvenirs while in Hangzhou, but take a moment to lament the tragic destruction of a beautiful area.

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Great spot to pick up those souvenirs for everyone back home. Prices seemed a bit better than other spots we went to. We took a cab from the hotel here, walked a bit, then figured we'd hop a cab to the train station, but none of the cabbies wanted to drive us, not far enough! So yikes it was a bit of a long march to the train station, but still had enough time. There's a food street with lots of stalls selling all kinds of stuff, as well as a number of restaurants, about half the price of the places we went to near the hotel.

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