Harbor View Park

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The Harbor View Park (港の見える丘公園) is a fantastic spot to view the Yokohama nightscape, right up there with Yamashita Park and the Landmark Tower.

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Why Harbor View Park is special ?

Harbor View Park, opened in 1962 at the former site of the British soldiers’ barracks. The lookout and benches facing the ocean offer a full view of Yokohama port. A perfect place for viewing the Yokohama Bay Bridge at night.

The forest on the north side was formerly a French military garrison, and is now called the French Mountain area. The land was handed over to Yokohama City in 1971. The same arch as in the central market of Paris stands in front.

Also includes the British House, the Yamate 111 Ban-Kan, the Osaragi Jiro Memorial Hall and the Kanagawa Museum of Modern Literature. Also famous for the roses that are in full bloom in the spring and autumn seasons.

Source: http://www.yokohamajapan.com/

What to explore at Harbor View Park?

Harbor View Park is one of the major travel spots in Yokohama like Yamashita Park. During the end of Edo period, French and British armies stayed at this hill. Night scenery of this park is one of three major Night sites in Japan. There is a French garden and English Garden. Its rose garden is very popular in Yokohama. This park is one of the most popular sightseeing spots in the Yokohama area. From the observation deck you can enjoy a panoramic view of Yokohama port which includes the sight of many cargo vessels as well as Yokohama Bay Bridge.

Source: http://kanagawa-travel-info.com/

How to get to Harbor View Park?

0. at Yokohama Station.

1. use Minatomirai Line to Motomachi-chukagai.

2. walk south (10 min.)

Selling points

  • Great Park if you can make it up the stairs
  • Beautiful walking park
  • A short walk from Yamashita Park
  • Good view of the city
  • Very Pretty spot to relax
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Japan 〒231-0862 神奈川県横浜市 中区山手町114

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Tips for you

  • During night time you can see nice Yoko panorama.
    What to see
  • Once you make it to the top you can see some old remnants of a house, and make your way over to the viewing area of the harbor.
    What to see
  • From the top you get a great view of Yokohama Bay and Yokohama Bridge.
    What to see
  • The park is famous for the roses that are in full bloom in the spring and autumn seasons.
    What to see


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This is a nice location to go to look out over the entire Yokohama harbor. It is quite easily reached on the subway, but does entail some walking. It is close to a nice shopping and eating area. I lived in Japan many years ago in a house at this very location, and it was very interesting to see how much the area had changed. It is a very pleasant location on a nice day to spend some time, walk through the gardens, and enjoy watching people and the bustling city below.

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