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Attraction Vietnam Military History Museum, Hanoi, Vietnam Published on: 17-04-2017

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Hanoi Flag Tower at the age of nearly 200 years is renowned as one of the symbols of Hanoi. The construction began in 1805 and completed in 1812, the 11th year of Gia Long time, Nguyen dynasty.

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Why Hanoi Flag Tower is special ?

From 1894 to 1897, the French colonial destroyed most of the construction in Thang Long Imperial Citadel, and Flag Tower is one of rare architecture works which still remain today. Moreover, the image of Flag Tower has been embedded in many remarkable historic events; for example, the flag of Vietnam flew on the top of the Flag Tower for the first time in 1945, after The August Revolution’s success, and on October 10th, 1954- the capital libration day; image of Flag Tower is printed on the money paper issued firstly by the Bank of Vietnam.

Since 1986, there are always a national flag (24m2) flying on the top of Hanoi Flag Tower. One flag is only used within two to three weeks on average, so in one year, there are about 20 flags alternately flying in the sky of Hanoi.

Located on Dien Bien Phu street, at the center of the city, Hanoi Flag Tower is a historic attraction that tourists who arrive in Hanoi should visit once.

Source: https://www.vietnamonline.com/

What to explore at Hanoi Flag Tower?

Hanoi Flag Tower is 33m height with three platforms and the eight-side tower, and 41m height consisting of the flag pole. With original construction purpose as an observatory; Hanoi Flag Tower offers a breathtaking view for the watchers standing on it. The top of the tower is an eight-side room with eight windows corresponding to eight directions, offering enough space for six people standing inside. “Ngenh huc” means “Welcome dawn’s sunlight”, “Hoi quang” means “Reflecting the light”, and “Huong minh” means “Direct to the light” are alternately inscribed on the eastern, western and southern door of the tower. At the northern door, there are two stairs in the left and the right hand side.

Source: https://www.vietnamonline.com/

Selling points

  • Symbolic Vietnamese fortification
  • An Iconic Hanoi Symbol
  • Good views overlooking military museum
  • Great place to stop coming back from other sites
  • Tower with a flag on it
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Vietnam Military History Museum, Hanoi, Vietnam

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Tips for you

  • There's a coffee shop right next to the museum that's worth a stop. Not bad coffee and nice to rest after standing and reading.
  • Make sure you take the reputable ones such as Hanoi Tourist and Malinh.
  • You will need about 20 mins max here and then keep on going to the Army Museum or Ho Chi Minh complex.
  • The flag has been flown every day since independence from the French uninterrupted even during the War with America.
  • There are captions for the displays and the pictures in English and French.
  • The stair is narrow and steep.
  • Unless you are a flagpole fanatic, you should avoid the long walk to get here.
  • Entrance is through the Military museum
  • From the second platform you get a great view of the planes and helicopter etc in the yard outside the museum
  • You can walk to the top viewing area of the tower, albeit up some steep stairs.


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One of few landmarks of old Ha Noi that was not destroyed by the French colonialists. Symbolizes Ha Noi. You can climb to the top and get a good view of Ba Dinh square, the Mausoleum.... Entrance is in the Army Museum. You can also enjoy a nice cup of coffee or smoothies, jelly drinks at the Highlands at its base

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The UNESCO world heritage site (2010) of the central sector of the Imperial citadel of Thang Long is fabulous for anyone with any interest in history, the development of Ha Noi through the emperors to the French, archaeology and/or the war against the Americans. It is quite separate from the flag tower, and from memory is free. There is an archaeological dig (under glass) where you can see the various stages of building from around the 11th century. Various photo exhibits in the buildings (most of which were French barracks) chart the development of the site and the archaeological excavation. An added bonus is that General Giap's military quarters are at the back of this site. They have been set up as museum, complete with typewriters and war maps. You can go into underground offices and bedrooms for protection against air raids.

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