Ham Ninh fishing Village

Attraction Tỉnh lộ 47, Hàm Ninh, Phú Quốc, tỉnh Kiên Giang, Vietnam Published on: 05-03-2016

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Ham Ninh fishing village is the most ancient maritime village Vietnam. Discover the simplicity and harmony you will get the real feeling of peaceful.

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Why Ham Ninh fishing Village is special ?

Ham Ninh is a typical fishing village with its blue sea, white sand and boats anchored along a wharf. But it also boasts a mountain more than 300 meters high which gives it an exotic beauty. The village is predominantly involved in fishing and you will find some places in village that provide an excellent source of seafood, including a variety of crabs, lobsters, and local mussels.

The fresh seafood dishes, almost always have to look fresh for you to enjoy, crab, shrimp here is very cheap and very tasty. Crab is considered a specialty seafood in Ham Ninh fishing village, do not know why but delicious crab here than the other place, very fragrant crab meat, crab fat and always in the fishing village

What to explore at Ham Ninh fishing Village?

On the eastern coast of the island Ham Ninh Fishing Village nestles in against the mountains, with nothing but endless sea in front of it. It a fascinating place. At hide tide the water comes right to the towns edge into the surrounding forestry. At low tide it shows up miles of beautiful sandy beach. The ocean bed has a very gentle gradient and you can walk out for hundreds of yards yet still be in shallow water. The only thing that breaks the endless sea view are the Pirate islands, away in the distance.

The Fishermen here, have plied their trade in a way unchanged by time. They are more than happy to take holiday makers out with them for a small fee. You get the experience of a lifetime, they get a few holiday dollars and some extra lines on the boat. This, like many others in Vietnam, is a poor area. There was a time when fishing was all they had, the introduction of tourism is providing a useful boost to local economies.

At the end of a days fishing, you can relax on the beach and enjoy the fruits of your labours. Fish and seafood, especially the crab are superb here. The local speciality is pepper crab. Beautiful fresh crab serve with the finest pepper in the world, from Kampot. Tourists lie back on the beach at the end of the day, sip cold beers as the sun goes down and eat their fill of a truly magnificent local delicacy. This is a treat not to be missed.

The cheapest and best way to enjoy seafood in Ham Ninh, as well as many other places in Phu Quoc, is to buy it directly from fishermen and then ask locals to cook it in return for some money.

Must-eats in Ham Ninh are flower crabs, mantis shrimps and squids, which are usually boiled and eaten with a dipping sauce made of salt, pepper and lime juice. As simple as it may sound, it is the best way to enjoy freshly caught seafood.

For those who want to buy gifts for families and friends, common options are seahorses and nam tram – a kind of fungus common in Phu Quoc that is also known as bitter bolete to English speakers.

Trai mo qua, a mulberry-like fruit often used in traditional remedies for aches caused by rheumatic disorders, is also popular with tourists.

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How to get to Ham Ninh fishing Village?

You can take a boat from Hòn Rơm for 10 mins to get there.

Take Speedboat from Ha Tien or Rach Gia to Phu Quoc Port then walking 10 minutes to get Ham Ning fishing village.

Or you can take Xe Om, it quite easy to go there.

Selling points

  • Breathtaking natural scenery in Phu Quoc
  • A peaceful daily life of local fishermen
  • Best place to escape from busy life
  • The trule meaning "enjoyable"
  • Best way to see the real local rural life in Phu Quoc
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Tỉnh lộ 47, Hàm Ninh, Phú Quốc, tỉnh Kiên Giang, Vietnam

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Tips for you

  • Before coming back home, Remember buy some flower crabs, a bottle of sea-horse in liquor or some souvenirs made of shell as gifts . They are quite nice and cheap
  • Bring more money to buy some local seafood. It really fresh with reasonable price
    What to bring
  • Best time to visit in early morning or afternoon late. You will have change to see the spectaculary of scenery.
  • Avoid go on rainy season .
  • Check the weather be careful before you go.
  • Be warned that the boat can get overcrowded and may have the unfortunate lingering odor of previous passengers’ weak stomachs.
  • The journey is pleasant and smooth during the low season but is often beset by jarring waves during the high season; Before you so, remember to ask your hotel staff to get advise you of ocean conditions.
  • Don’t miss to take some photo when visit during sunshine or sunset time.
    Things to do
  • Ham Ninh Bridge is the longest jetty in Phu Quoc. You can walk to the wharf to see the clear blue sea. Especially when away from a little can see thousands of fish swimming lunch there again, very interesting!
    Things to do


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We coming Ham Ninh village in the morning, so it seem to be great time to admire the scene of sunset over the sea .This place might not be so 'off the beaten trail' anymore, but it definitely has that feeling. It's a small fishing town on a beautiful sandy bayon the east coast. Where people talk about a quaint, rustic, even one where memories of ancient life and there are so fascinating to me. The jetty is really long. My driver took me right out to the end on the motorbike for a view back to the shore. This is reputedly a good place to have a fish dish for lunch! Every thing is simple but really worth to have even one time. And I am surely return soon.

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