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Remote Ha Giang City, Ha Giang, Vietnam Published on: 20-04-2017

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Ha Giang is the final frontier in northern Vietnam, an amazing landscape of limestone pinnacles and granite outcrops. It is somewhere to recharge the batteries on the long road north.

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Why Ha Giang is special ?

Ha Giang is the final frontier in northern Vietnam, an amazing landscape of limestone pinnacles and granite outcrops. This town, bisected by the broad river Lo, is a provincial capital with clean streets and an understated ambience. The far north of the province has some of the most spectacular scenery in the country, and the trip between Dong Van and Meo Vac across the Mai Pi Leng Pass is quite mind-blowing. Ha Giang is a mildly diverting town, but the spectacular limestone outcrops soaring skywards over the suburbs hint at the amazing scenery in the surrounding hinterland. Ha Giang should be one of the most popular destinations in this region, but its proximity to the Chinese border still keeps visitor numbers at a low level.

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What to explore at Ha Giang?

The mysterious landscape along the Chinese border – a mythical combination of conical limestone peaks and deep, craterous valleys – is probably the most striking in the country. In the last few years road conditions between Ha Giang, Dong Van and Meo Vac have improved, making access to this remote part of the country relatively easy. With mountain passes hanging onto cliff-faces high above roaring rivers, and back-roads threading through forests of limestone pinnacles, it’s ideal territory for a motorbike road trip. Food, accommodation and ATMs can now be found throughout the region.

The Nature generously incentives for Ha Giang lots of beautiful scenery. In particular, Dong Van Plateau is spectacular natural wonders, offers a lot of cultural heritages, while Lung Cu Peak is considered as "The pride of Vietnam" marking the northernmost point by country; the highland ancient towns existed for hundreds of years can be comparable to Da Lat and Sa Pa, the stone forest, Nho Que river with Ma Pi Leng is the most important heroes of the country...

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How to get to Ha Giang?

Ha Giang is over 300km (187miles) from Hanoi capital, you should move by bus in night and will be in Ha Giang city in next morning, fair is about $10. Some reputed bus firm from Hanoi to Ha Giang city:

– Khai Huyen bus. Start at 9pm from My Dinh bus station (Bến xe Mỹ Đình). Tel: +84913.271.384 or +84978.384.384

– Bang Phan. Start at 9pm from Giap Bat bus station (Bến xe Giáp Bát). Tel: +84219.388.7867 – +84915.223.171

– Thinh My, start at 5am from My Dinh bus station. Tel: +84913.516.135 / +84914.868.737

– Ngoc Son, start at 12h30 pm from My Dinh station. +84913.036.456

If you don’t want to go by bus, you have two other options: you can hire a car or minibus and driver, but this is expensive ($320 return for a car), or you can go by motorbike.

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Selling points

  • The best choice for adventurers
  • Great landscapes along the way up
  • Mysterious landscape along the Chinese border
  • Beautiful area in all year round
  • A hidden gem in the northern of Vietnam
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Ha Giang City, Ha Giang, Vietnam

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Tips for you

  • You'll need to show your passport and Ha Giang permit twice – at the local tourist police and army checkpoint near the base of the tower – before ascending to the top of Lung Cu.
    Things to do
  • Motorbikes are available for rent in Ha Giang City for around $7-10 per day. You can ride to enjoy the Sunday morning market in the main town of Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Dong Van and Meo Vac.
    Things to do
  • You should note that children will skip and jump down the road screaming “hello” and occasionally putting their hands out for money. It’s a good idea to keep some candy or other snacks on you to offer these children as an alternative to money.
    What to bring
  • It can get bitterly cold during winter months, even early in the morning in summer, bring a jacket is a good idea.
    What to wear
  • The best time of year to visit Ha Giang is September and October, when the weather is warm, colours are bright, and rainfall is light.
  • Ha Giang is close to China and has very long border, so this is quite complex place. You have to know where are you going if don’t want to be lost to China, that will be very big trouble.
  • Driving without a license in Vietnam is illegal so it is recommended that you look into this one.
    What to know
  • Corn-wine is one of specialities in Ha Giang, but beware of fake corn-wine. You can have a headache while drinking fake wine made by China's ingredients.

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