Grand Friday Mosque

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Grand Friday mosque is the biggest mosque of Maldives. This grand architecture of bygone times was constructed by the Sultan Ibrahim Iskandhar in 1656.

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Why Grand Friday Mosque is special ?

Grand Friday mosque, named Masjid-al Sultan Mohamed Thakurufaanu-al-A'z'am, is the biggest mosque of Maldives. This grand architecture of bygone times was constructed by the Sultan Ibrahim Iskandhar in 1656. The grand Friday mosque of Maldives also includes the famous Islamic center. Grand Friday mosque in Maldives has a capacity to accommodate nearly 5000 people.

The dominant golden dome of the Maldives Grand Friday mosque adorns the facade of Male'. The artwork in this mosque is simply mind blowing. This magnificent edifice, with its unique minarets, amazing coral engravings and tombs of national heroes and members of royalty, provides the tourists with the glimpses of the past.


What to explore at Grand Friday Mosque?

The golden dome of this impressive modern mosque dominates the skyline of Male and has become something of a symbol for the city. Opened in 1984, and built with help from the Gulf States, Pakistan, Brunei and Malaysia, the Grand Friday Mosque is striking in its plainness, built in white marble and virtually free from decoration.

Entering Male’s harbour by boat, you can still see the gold dome glinting in the sun, although the gold is actually anodised aluminium. The munnaaru , with its space-age shape and distinctive zigzag decoration, was supposed to be the tallest structure in Male, but that title now goes to the telecommunications towers. The main prayer hall inside the mosque can accommodate up to 5000 worshippers and has beautifully carved wooden side panels and doors, a specially woven carpet and impressive chandeliers.


How to get to Grand Friday Mosque?

Visitors can reach The Grand Friday Mosque by boat from Hulhule Island to Hulhumale' Ferry Terminal. The Grand Friday Mosque is 10 minutes walking from the Hulhumale' Ferry Terminal.

Selling points

  • Beautiful Modern Mosque
  • The biggest mosque in South Asia
  • Grand oldest Mosque in Male
  • Perfect for the Friday prayer
  • Maldives largest mosque with great architecture
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Tips for you

  • There're several young men try to bother you to give you "a tour" and then claim your tips. You should stay away from them and gently say no.
  • It's better to get a local guide who can talk to you about the history.
    Things to do
  • Photography is not allowed inside the mosque.
  • Women are allowed to go inside the mosque but only from the backdoor like all mosques around the world
  • If you are a non-Muslim, you're not allowed to enter the prayer hall.
  • The mosque closes to all non-Muslims 15 minutes before prayers and for the following hour.
  • To visit the mosque, men must wear long trousers and women wear a long skirt or dress.
  • Parking space for cars appears to be limited due to the crowds during the praying time.


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Grand Friday Mosque dominated the center of Male. Once landed at the jetty, the drop-off point by the tender from the cruise ship, the dome of the mosque is very prominent. Being non-Moslem, we were not allow to enter into the mosque. However simply photo taking from the outside was already very impressive. The entrance to the mosque as well as the garden next to it created a must-visit area for all visitors. Take your time to visit the area in detail even unable to enter the interior of the Grand Friday Mosque.

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