Grahadi Building

Attraction Jalan Gubernur Suryo Surabaya Jawa Timur 60271 Indonesia Published on: 13-11-2015

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The Grahadi Building is one of the historic sites in the City of Surabaya. Grahadi building is convention hall and the official resident of East Java Governor

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Why Grahadi Building is special ?

 Grahadi Building is known as Grahadi because in this building there is a meeting space, which called Grahadi.  Grahadi come from Sanskrit dissyllabic "Graha" mean House and "Adi" mean high degree. Name of Grahadi means house that has high value or degree.

Though two centuries have elapsed but this building is still stand up steady and still in it original presentation. For the enthusiast and architecture admirer are surely interested with the typical architecture appearance namely architecture style of Dutch Indies government that dominated by straight lines, vertical and horizontal with aesthetic and well-balanced composition so that fair if this building is categorized in the monumental buildings form which maintained carefully. This high-rise building have two mains building with 2016 m2 width, supporter building 4125,75 m2 and located in 16284 m2 width area.


What to explore at Grahadi Building?

The two-storey building was built on an area of ​​16.284m2. There are several rooms inside. There are a guest room and a few other important rooms for different purposes. It is open to the public.

At the front, you can see four pillars standing upright. They support the primary construction of the building. Visitors can also look at the walls decorated with reliefs. The reliefs tell a story about the struggle of the People of Surabaya. 

There are many unique things found around and inside the building. There are 2 cannons, one of which is placed outside. They are still well-maintained. That’s all you need to know about the Grahadi Building.


Selling points

  • “Two Centuries of History Here”
  • “An art place in Surabaya”
  • "Beautiful building and architecture"
  • “Colonial building”
  • “Beautiful Dutch Architecture”
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Jalan Gubernur Suryo Surabaya Jawa Timur 60271 Indonesia

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Tips for you

  • You can take great pictures from across the street.
  • Monday through Thursday at 8:00 to 13:00 pm, Friday at 08:00 to 11:00 pm, Saturday at 08.00-12.00, while Sundays are closed to the public.
  • It's located in the heart of Surabaya, close to the location perbelajaan Tunjungan Plaza.
  • Three or four days before the visit, tourists are required to send a notice to the Head of Household General Bureau Setwilda Tk. East Java, on Jl. Heroes 110 Surabaya.


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Grahadi never seems to get much press as a tourist sight, which we find odd. This is a singularly elegant 18th century mansion, centrally located right in the commercial heart of Indonesia's second city. Still used as the official residence as the governor of East Java today, it has retained its importance in the administration of East Java from the days of the VOC down to the present day. Perhaps it this use for administrative purposes, which has keep it low on the tourist radar. It is still more likely to be a destination for protesters with megaphones than tourists with cameras.This is beginning to change, however, as it now open for tours on Sundays. This is the best option for people who want to get a look around this lovely old building. If you aren't in Surabaya on a Sunday, the best option will be to just stroll by and admire it from outside the ornamental fence. You will still get a sense of the chandelier-decked extravagance to which the Javanese governing elite like to treat themselves.

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Great architecture. Now the building was used for the governor's office. You can take pictures from across the street.

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