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Attraction Golden Lion Traffic Circle, Krong Preah Sihanouk, Cambodia Published on: 13-11-2015

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The Golden Lion Monument was constructed in 1996 and became a prominent landmark of Sihanoukville. It is the most recognizable landmark in the city.

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Why Golden Lion is special ?

The Golden Lions Monument has a variety of meanings as told by locals, but no one is quite sure what it officially stands for. The monument is made up of two gleaming golden lions: the male lion stands proud with mouth open while his crouching lioness looks calm and benevolent. Locals say that as they look at it, they remember the violence that beset the country through the years and shaped the Khmer’s inner tranquility and calm despite the pressing national hardships.


What to explore at Golden Lion?

Golden Lions Monument has become a tourist attraction, a major tourism thoroughfare in this rather very tiny city. With a gleaming gold colour, the lion is standing, its mouth open in a perpetual roar; the lioness is crouched at his feet, face benevolent and calm, the gardens around the monument places and the traffic circle is surrounded by Cambodian restaurants and karaoke and, this site have become a popular evening hangout for the locals, particularly local teens and foreigners. The road to Serendipity beach runs off of the Golden Lions Traffic Circle. Lions Monument is a prominent Sihanoukville landmark located in the middle of the traffic circle between Sokha and Ochheuteal beaches which is a big convenient for everyone to drop by and explore more.


How to get to Golden Lion?

Motorcycle Taxi: (motodup, moto) drivers expect foreigners to pay 1000-2000R in town. Locals pay less but getting the local price is nearly impossible. Prices go up for multiple passengers and at night. Settle on a price and destination before taking the ride and insist on being taken directly to your requested destination.

Motorcycle Rental: At the moment there is a ban on tourists driving motorcycles and cars in Sihanoukville. It is not clear whether the ban is permanent or will be lifted at some point in the future. Prior to the ban, most of the tourist-oriented businesses in town rented motorcycles, including most guesthouses and hotels, the bus companies, travel/tour companies and even restaurants. 100cc bikes were between $3-$5/day. Fewer places rented 250cc bikes but they were still readily available at about $7-$8/day. 100cc is more than sufficient for travel in town and to the beaches. Most places required a passport as security. Always lock your motorcycle or leave it in guarded parking. Motorcycle theft is not uncommon.

Car Rental: Car rental (with diver) can be arranged through your hotel or travel agent. Taxis at the downtown bus and taxi station are also available for private hire. Cars cost around $20/day with driver. They can also be hired for short jaunts in town ($4-$6) and specific trips such as sunset mountain ($10) the waterfalls ($15) or Ream ($17).


Selling points

  • A statue in the middle of a roundabout
  • Centre Of Sihanoukville, Big Lions
  • A Slice of Khmer Life
  • Classic landmark that everyone knows
  • Good landmark for locating where you are
3 days for backpackers in Sihanoukville

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Golden Lion Traffic Circle, Krong Preah Sihanouk, Cambodia

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Tips for you

  • - No need to go out of your way to see, you can see it is from the back seat of a taxi but most travelers will undoubtedly encounter these beasts as they pass by.
  • - Good seafood restaurants located on the street around the monument, highly recommend
  • - Best time to visit the monument is at night when all the lights are turned on.
  • - The police hide on the road, in the morning hide on the way to downtown, afternoon the opposite.
  • - The Golden Lion Monument is located in the roundabout between downtown Sihanoukville, Sokha beach, Serendipity beach and Ochheuteal beach.
  • - Surrounding this prominent monument are also hotels, seafood restaurants, karaoke bars, and guesthouses.
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Usually you can meet couple monks here.

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Circle, monks sometimes

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Универсальный ориентир. Площадь со львами знают все. А дальше - или в сторону морды, или в сторону хвоста )

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It's a roundabout. With Golden Lions on it.We love this roundabout for one reason - it's easy to tell Tuk Tuk drivers where you want to go.Lots of restaurants and things nearby.

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That is common country modern visual arts style problem - Kitsch, plaster sculptures, "golden" lions ...

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There is no way to miss this majestic tribute to a majestic animal if you visit Sihanoukville, as everything has to go by it. It shines so bright in the daylight that sunglasses are certainly advised when looking at it directly. You should also not miss the very finely crafted testicles!

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We reached the same conclusion as before; the Golden Lion Roundabout is the jewel in Sihanoukville's much tarnished crown. The best way to see it is from the back seat of a taxi, leaving town as fast as Cambodia's roads will carry you. We enjoyed seeing dawn's early light break gently over the lions before they blurred into the background and we set off for more welcoming climes; like the Killing Fields and S-21.

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Usually you can meet couple monks here

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