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If you asked me in Hue tourist destinations, which tomb should I visit? I will say right away is Thien Tho Lang (Tomb of Gia Long) - the emperor founded the Nguyen Dynasty. Although it is further than other mausoleums, but those who like the simplicity of architecture, the wilderness of nature, the romantic romance of the landscape, will definitely love this place. And what I like most here is the beautiful images of faithful happiness that you won't see in other tombs.

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Why Gia Long Tomb Hue, Vietnam is special ?

  • Understand deeply the royal life of the Nguyen dynasty emperors, concubines, and eunuchs.
  • Explore the royal architecture,  wilderness of nature, the romantic romance of the landscape.
  • Understand more about the concept of faithful happiness of the emperor to his wife.

What to explore at Gia Long Tomb Hue, Vietnam?

Tomb of Gia Long Introduction

Hue is famous for many tombs and temples, among which are the tombs of Nguyen emperors. After 13 emperors and 143 years of reign (1802 - 1945), the Nguyen Dynasty has left Hue a fairly large heritage, contributing to the creation of a quiet, spiritual, and mysterious Hue. Tourists to Hue almost visit the mausoleum near the center or where there is easy transport, few people come to Gia Long mausoleum, though always open to welcome and free admission. Hopefully reading this article, you will find a reason to come here once.

Gia Long Tomb Location and how to get there?

As a tourist attraction far from Hue city, the mausoleum is located about 20 km west of the city center, in Dinh Mon village, Huong Tho commune, Huong Tra district. As a mountainous region between the left and right lines, it is considered the location that attracts all the good things from all directions but this is a completely isolated area, the only means of arrival is Waterway.

In 2014, Huu Trach bridge connecting La Khe Bai and La Khe Trem were completed, so there is one more direction to the tomb. However, this road is farther, you have to go through Tuan Bridge, follow the direction of Minh Mang Tomb, pass Huu Trach Bridge, and continue for about 10 km.

Pristine nature and charming scenery

The road to Gia Long mausoleum is shady and is the most romantic way among all the other tombs. The mausoleum is located on the highest hill among 42 hills, large and small in Thien Tho mountain, covered with lush green pine hills. 

The lotus pond covered with wool flows through the mausoleum works, the pink color of the lotus petals will be brilliant when in the season, the lotus flavor will spread throughout the hills and mountains. Far away are the herds of buffaloes and storks seem to be tangerine. The meandering winding roads, the fragrant year-round scent of young grass and shade of green pine.

Simple tomb architecture

Each tomb has a unique trait expressing the personality of each emperor. Minh Mang mausoleum with works located on the main axis through the center of the mausoleum, showing the strict and determined character of the most talented emperor of the Nguyen Dynasty.

No principle of symmetry, not many entertaining constructions for the emperor to rest and relax when visiting the mausoleum. Tomb constructions are arranged horizontally, in the middle is the tomb area (where the emperor and empress are buried), on the right is Minh Thanh palace (where the emperor and his wife are worshiped) and on the left is Bi Dinh (where the "Thanh Duc Than Cong" stone stele is located to praising his father from Minh Mang emperor). Other constructions such as Thuan Thien Cao Hoang Hau mausoleum (second wife, mother of Minh Mang emperor), Gia Thanh palace ... are also simple and not picky.

And faithful fidelity images

Tomb of Gia Long is the only place where the emperor and empress are buried, according to the concept of "Can Khon Hiep Duc", the tomb of Gia Long emperor on the left, the tomb of the Thua Thien Cao Hoang empress on the right. Visit the mausoleum, remember to greet the security guards, cum "guide" here. Because of the lack of visitors, they love those who come to visit. They also enjoyed telling about Gia Long and especially about a woman who was born and died with this martial commander.

Ms. Tong Thi Lan, the gentle and righteous lady, the wife of hardship and suffering, traveled everywhere following her husband to rebuild his country. The image of two graves next to each other illustrates his affection for his wife, who has an important role in his life. It is a beautiful image of faithful happiness that you will not find in other tombs.

How to Visit Gia Long Tomb?

Go visit Gia Long Tomb, you can drive a scooter with helmets, book Hue Private Car service or take a dragon boat on the Perfume River.

If you would like to visit Gia Long Tomb and other historic sites in Hue such as Hue Imperial Citadel, Thien Mu pagoda, Khai Dinh and Minh Mang Tomb, you should book Hue City Tour via Culture Pham Travel.

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