Gia Long Tomb

Attraction Lăng Gia Long, tx. Hương Trà, Thua Thien Hue, Vietnam Published on: 13-11-2015

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Gia Long Tomb is a royal tomb of Nguyen Dynasty. That is a group tomb and famous for it natural and historical beauty.

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Why Gia Long Tomb is special ?

Gia Long Tomb is a royal tomb of Nguyen Dynasty. That is a group tomb and famous for it natural and historical beauty.

Though being the most distant tomb in comparison with those of other kings, Gia Long Tomb is the most scenic and impressive with regard to natural landscape of boundless mountains, pine forests and paths among grass and wild flowers. There’s no complicated building or extravagant palace but a complex fenced by 42 mountains and pine hill, named after the biggest mountain of the complex: Dai Thien Tho.

The tomb is divided into 3 main parts. In the middle stand the tombs of the King and Queen. After the Honour court and up on the hill top is Buu Thanh, containing symbol of happiness and longevity. On the right of the complex is Minh Thanh Temple, where the King and his wife are honoured. Formerly, here’s the place to display artefacts related to the king’s military life. On the left is a stele pavilion, with 2 parallel coal-black roof steles for the couple. Those simple yet elegant stles are said to symbolize the love and loyalty of them throughout war and peace. However, due to war and time, only the left stele remains.


What to explore at Gia Long Tomb?

The tomb complex is composed of three areas:

In the middle: There are the double-grave tomb of the Emperor and Queen Thua Thien Cao. Passing the Honor Court, visitors can see imposing stone statues. Seven steps of the worship-yard lead to Buu Thanh on the hill top. Inside Buu Thanh, the stone double-grave is built according to the concept of “Can Khon Hiep Duc” a symbol of happiness and loyalty.

On the right: The main monument is Minh Thanh Temple, dedicated to the Emperor and his first Queen. Formerly, it used to contain many artefacts related to Gia Long’s military life.

On the left: The main monument is the stele pavilion. Nowadays, only the stele is left, minutely inscribed with Emperor Minh Mang’s singing of the late Emperor’s praises.

To move along the paths among the grass and wild flowers, under the fresh shady pines, tourists can visit other neighboring tombs in this section such as Quang Hung Tomb (the second wife of Lord Hien Vuong Nguyen Phuc Tan (1620- 1687), mother of Lord Nguyen Phuc Tran), Vinh Mau Tomb (the wife of Lord Nguyen Phuc Tran (1650-1691)); Thoai Thanh tomb (the second wife of Nguyen Phuc Luan and mother of Gia Long Emperor).The most noticeable one is the tomb of Thuan Thien Cao Queen, mother of Emperor Minh Mang. Next to it is Gia Thanh Temple, dedicated to her. Gia Long’s tomb is a wonderful picture of nature and architecture, which provides a superb view of the boundless mountains and the solitary pine forest.


How to get to Gia Long Tomb?

You may Gia Long 's tomb by car or even by boat sailing on the Perfume River and tying in the small pier that holds the imperial tomb.

Selling points

  • Wonderful picture of nature and architecture
  • Historical Tomb of Nguyen Dynasty
  • Natural landscape
  • Located besides mountain
  • Far away from the city
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Lăng Gia Long, tx. Hương Trà, Thua Thien Hue, Vietnam

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Tips for you

  • You should know some regulations when visiting here. If you want to know more information about history of tomb, you should go with tour guide. If you go by motorbike, you should check gasoline to make sure enough gas for you to drive.
    Things to do
  • You should bring some drink during your trip. The weather is often colder in the afternoon, so you should bring jacket. If you visit the Tomb in the afternoon, you should prepare rain coast, because it is often unexpected rainy. You should bring camera and map when visiting.
    What to bring
  • You should wear good shoes, because there are lots of stairs and steep terrain.
    What to wear
  • It is not suitable for you to visit the Tomb on rainy day.
  • The best time to visit is at the sunrise and sunset, because you will enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the Tomb.
  • You are required not to leave litter. Sitting on respected things in the Tomb is the impolite behavior. You should pay attention the closing time to get there early.
  • If you go with kids, you should keep them to avoid run around. If you go with group, you should pay attention them to avoid getting lost.
  • It is located in Huong Tra town, Thua Thien Hue, Vietnam
  • You can visit not only Gia Long Tomb but also other famous attractions near there.
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is a royal tomb of Nguyễn Dynasty which located at Thiên Thọ mount, some 20 kilometres south of the city of Huế. The tomb was originally built for empress Thừa Thiên after her death in 1814

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