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Attraction 07000 Langkawi Kedah Malaysia Published on: 13-11-2015

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Galeria Perdana is a museums with collections of artwork, crafts, gifts, souvenirs and exhibits that reflects history and culture all over the world.

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Why Galeria Perdana is special ?

One of the island’s best kept attractions, the Galeria Perdana has over 2,500 exhibits on display and an intricately hand-painted ceiling. It is divided into different sections; the first section is the Wood Carving Room: a gallery that showcases exquisite Malay wooden architecture. Meanwhile, the Reading Room has an array of reference material and there is a section with a collection of automobiles including F1 racing cars on display. Lastly, the outdoor Green House has a variety of plants under controlled temperature.

The gifts displayed here were presented to the former prime minister from world leaders, statesmen as well as Malaysians during his tenure as leader of Malaysia. The accompanying descriptions attached to each exhibit are especially interesting. Originally named the Sri Perdana Gallery, it’s a great stopover before heading to the Durian Perangin Waterfalls.


What to explore at Galeria Perdana?

There are three sections (interconnected buildings) in the museum:

Block A

This is the first section where beautiful souvenir and gift items made of wood, lacquer, crystal and glass are displayed. The section also includes other items like musical instruments and beautiful gemstone collections.

Other items showcased here includes luxurious textile, intricately designed porcelain products, and Islamic artwork & paintings, weaponry, plaques etc. Islam is the official religion of Malaysia and hence the Prime Minister received many gifts that were Islamic in nature.

Block B

This section showcases all the gifts received by the wife of former Prime Minister. She received lots of finely crafted items from members of the public as well as from the heads of states. In the ground floor of this section, you will see exquisite items made of silver, bronze, copper and pewter.

Block C

This is the newest and the last block of Perdana Gallery. Here you will see jewelry items, rare original paintings and many other gifts received by the former Prime Minister. A section here on the ground floor (near the exit) showcases his collection of cars and bicycles. The highlights includes a Formula-I car and a bicycle made of wood.

At the entrance of the new block you will also find a creative sculpture titled "Window of Opportunity". This 3-meter tall stone sculptor was created by the well known sculptor Gerald Takawira of Zimbabwe. The sculpture stands on five pillars with an open window concept. It signifies Tun Dr. Mahathir's vision on Malaysia. Each pillar represents a key element of Malaysia's infrastructure and development strategy. The sculptor Gerald has had several successful exhibitions in Europe and known for his work using Leopard Stone which is the hardest stone in the world.

Galeria Perdana has a reading room with a vast collection of reading and reference materials. There is also an outdoor greenhouse with variety of plants.


How to get to Galeria Perdana?

Car & Motorbike Rental

Renting a car or motorbike/scooter is highly recommended due to lack of public transport. This can now be done at the airport from the departure lounge, and the rate is reasonable, 50 RM for a small car. Also from the port complex, or from shops on Pantai Cenang. Refrain yourself from renting from touts, as many are operating illegally without permits and usually without insurance.

Renting an air-conditioned mid-sized sedan costs RM70-RM150 per day (depending on model, condition and length of stay) and a 150 cc motorbike/scooter costs RM40 to RM45 per day. Cheaper but usually very used and older are the semi-automatic 115 cc bikes for RM25 a day. A tired Proton with in Pantai Cenang maybe around RM60-90/day.


Selling points

  • Interesting building as well as contents
  • The best way to know about malaysia formal P.M
  • A wide collection of gifts
  • Impressive Ceiling Work
  • Treasures galore at this gallery
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07000 Langkawi Kedah Malaysia

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Tips for you

  • The gallery is spread over three halls A, B and C.
    Things to do
  • A highlight not to be missed is Dr. M's collection of cars.
    Things to do
  • There is a nice landscape garden surrounding the building with a cafe selling drinks and snacks.
  • You have free wifi towards the end of the exhibit and there is a nice snack bar at the end as well.
  • At the entrance of the new block you will also find a creative sculpture titled "Window of Opportunity".
    What to see
  • Photography is not allowed inside the museum.
  • As you walk into the main building, there is a reception counter in front and a ticket counter on the left. Once you buy the ticket, you can enter the gallery from one side of the reception.
  • You have to pay extra if you have a camera (2MYR) or a videocamera (5MYR)


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A gallery showcasing gifts presented to former Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir and his wife during his tenure as Prime Minister. The gallery has over 2500 exhibits of porcelain, silver, crystal, paintings and weapons among other things in three buildings. The intricately painted ceiling is truly impressive. There is a nice landscape garden surrounding the building with a cafe selling drinks and snacks. Worth a visit.

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Prepare to spend 2-3 hours but the exhibits are well worth the time

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