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Activity Ekareach Street, Sangkat 4, Sihanouville, Cambodia. Published on: 26-09-2016

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TST Tours is a travel and tours agency located in Preah Sihanouk Province, Cambodia. It was created to serve all guests with excellent services to have wonderful memories during visiting Sihanoukville. We offer you an excellent tours package with appropriate price. The tours are arranged by following the itinerary or private tours, including either culture, nature, beautiful places or life-style of Cambodian people in Sihanoukville. TST offers the excursion such as City-Tours, Trip to Island and arranging Transportation Service with Booking Guesthouse/Hotel Service for Cruise Ship Passengers and other visitors who prefer holiday and exploring the rich history and landscapes in Sihanoukville. Moreover, we serve you with our long-time experience, knowledgeable and friendly English-Speaking tour guides, including comfortable and safe transportation.

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Why Full Day City Tours is special ?

  • Treasure SihanoukVille Travel and Tours offers the guests excellent services for exploring the whole view of the city. There are 8 places of Full Day Private Tours. All those places are awesome, historic, beautiful and natural places of the city. The guests not only visit such of those places with our experient, friendly and informative English Tour Guide but also meet friendly and lovely Cambodian people during the tours. Furthermore, the Guests are able to change or add the destinations existing in itinerary. We always follow The Guests' wishes. Our SLOGAN is to offer all the GUESTS meeting TREASURE MEMORIES in the their lives. We have great honor and be grateful to have your value and important support for choosing our services. 

What to explore at Full Day City Tours?

1. Fishing Village

Fishing Village is located at Tumnub Rorlok commune at the north of Sihanoukville’s port. It is about 02 kilometers from the main port. The Fishing Village is an interesting place to visit, it shows the life-style of fishermen. You will see directly the action of collecting or arranging seafood (crab, fish, prawn, squid, etc.) from fishing boats to the fishing port. The fishing boats leave in the evenings and return to the port in the early mornings with their catches. During the day time, the boats dock at the fishing port and the fishermen repair their fishing nets and work on their boats.

2. Primary School

Chamka Kaosu Primary School is located at suburb area of Sihanoukville. It is an interesting and beautiful place that you should not miss during visiting Sihanoukville. The school is 05 kilometers from downtown on national road N0 4. The school has 03 buildings, 20 teachers (08 are ladies) and 612 students (268 are girls). It is the place where you will meet fun, friendly and lovely children who are studying there from 03 up to 14 years old. Your visit is a great opportunity for them to learn English with native speaker for their bright lives in the future.

3. Pagoda

Buddhism is Cambodia’s Nation Religion. Most of Cambodian people are Buddhist. Therefore, Pagoda has been constructed from year to year in the whole Cambodia to fulfil Buddhists’ demand. Sihanoukville is located at south-western part of Cambodia. About 3.5 kilometers from Sihanoukville’s port, you will see a very peaceful and beautiful pagoda known as Wat Utynieng (Wat Krom ‘Lower Pagoda’) which locates on a small hill overlooking the ocean. Furthermore, about 2.5 kilometers of distance away from Wat Krom, you will find another pagoda named Wat Chotynieng (Wat Leu ‘Upper Pagoda’) which locates on the top of the mountain expressing the landscapes of the whole town.

4. Waterfall

In Sihanoukville, there is one nature and beautiful waterfall known as Kbal Chhay which is approximately 16 kilometers from downtown on national road N0 4 at the East of the Sihanoukville. It provides you the best viewed during the rainy season in Sihanoukville. The rainy season starts from July until October every year. During this period of times, the Kbal Chhay Waterfall in Sihanoukville is the most beautiful and attractive natural place with white froth of water cascading down. However, during summer season from November until June of the year, the Kbal Chhay Waterfall remains almost non-existent with water just managing to trickle down. All in all, the waterfall is the attractive natural place of all time and gives the added feeling of being in paradise.

5. Independence Monument

Every provinces and a capital of Cambodia have the Independence Monument. Independence Monument was built in honor to Cambodian Independence from France in November 09th, 1953 and The Victory over Khmer Rouge Regime in January 07th, 1979. On the way from Sihanoukville’s port about 2.5 kilometers, you will find a very interesting and good-looking Independence Monument which is opposite the meeting hall. The Independence Day, Victory Day and other Important Holydays are celebrated at this hall every years.

6. Beach

Sihanoukville town locates in the center of a small peninsula that just into the warm water of the gulf of Thailand. There are around ten beaches in Sihanoukville. Every beaches have white sand and turquoise water. Apart from sunning on the mile of white sand beaches, there are also diving, snorkeling and trekking path for visitors with more relaxed tastes. Cambodia’s beach is named The Most Beautiful Beach in the world.

7. Phsar Leu Market

The Town Centre (Phsar Leu Market ‘Upper Market’) is located on Borey Kamakor Street (Worker Street) of Sihanoukville. It is about 06 kilometers from Sihanoukville’s port. It is the largest market in SihanoukVille, and offers almost everything. Many stores have different types of clothes such as shirts, t-shirts, trousers and beachwear, etc. The market offers a good selection of fresh fruit, flowers, meat and seafood as well as traveler’s sundries such as shampoo, toothpaste and razors, etc. Phsar Leu has a unique opening system whereby it opens when the sun rises, and closes when the sun sets.

8. Legacy Restaurant

Legacy restaurant is located near beautiful white sand beach. It is the premium restaurant in Sihanoukville with Europe influence in its décor offering you the best of Asian cuisine, including signature Khmer dishes, excellent seafood and fare cooked. Legacy restaurant is a very clean place within a nice and comfortable location. Join us to explore the unforgettable taste of creative local food in a cozy and relaxed atmosphere at Legacy restaurant.


  • Package includes such as: free transportation (pick up and drop off), comfortable cold towel, fresh pure drinking water, having delicious coffee Break and lunch at beautiful and clean restaurant (Local Food & Western Food) with friendly English-speaking guide. It is a full day group tours.

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Ekareach Street, Sangkat 4, Sihanouville, Cambodia.

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