Fujiyama Onsen

Attraction ふじやま温泉 新西原4-1524 4 Chome Shinnishihara Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi Prefecture 403-0017, japan Published on: 25-02-2016

1 hours 30 mins
07:00 AM - 11:00 PM
10:30 AM
12:00 PM
First-time visit
Must see
5.00 USD

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Fujiyama Onsen is perfectly suited for tourists from overseas. Gazing at Mount Fuji while soaking in the high-quality water that wells up from the base of the mountain is sublime

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Why Fujiyama Onsen is special ?

The natural “onsen” hot spring is situated inside the Fuji-Q Highland area and boasts high-quality exclusive pipeline, view of Mt. Fuji, and Japanese taste.

Its building had been built with Japanese local traditional methods which had reproducted "MACHIYA-DUKURI" in the motif of "KASUKABE JYUTAKU" from inportant national treasure of "Hidatakayama".

The large bath area is one of the largest of such kind fully made by wood. The hydrogencarbonate-based water is rich in minerals, proven to have 20 types of remedies, and is said to produce beautiful skin.

The grandeur view of Mt. Fuji in the rest area should provide additional refreshment. There is also an exclusive ladies’ floor, which comes with reclining chairs and esthetic services for a gorgeous time.

Source: http://mtfuji-jp.com

What to explore at Fujiyama Onsen?

This new facility is run by and located next to Fuji Q Highland. Its baths are a modern take on traditional wooden bathhouses with both indoor and outdoor baths for each gender. Unfortunately the baths do not face Mount Fuji, but there is a good view of the mountain from the restaurant.

Source: http://www.fujikyu.co.jp/en/leisure

How to get to Fujiyama Onsen?

* By car:

Take Chuo Expressway and get off at Kawaguchiko I.C. (app 80 min from Shinjuku). Our hotel is right beside the I.C.

* By train:

Take JR Chuo Main Line to Otsuki Station. Then transfer to Fujikyu Line for Fujiyoshida Station. From the station, it will be 5 minutes by taxi.

* By bus:

From Shinjuku Station, take a highway bus for Fuji-Q Highland (100 min).

Source: http://www.fujikyu.co.jp/en/leisure

Selling points

  • Relaxing and Serene Onsen
  • A clean onsen
  • Relaxing after climbing Mount Fuji
  • A memorable experience
  • As you are on heaven
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ふじやま温泉 新西原4-1524 4 Chome Shinnishihara Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi Prefecture 403-0017, japan

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Tips for you

  • Refrain from taking video and photos, or washing your clothes or underwear.Wipe yourself off before coming out of the dressing area.
    What need to do
  • There are some days closed because of facility inspections
  • Take off even your underwear before you go into the bath area. Wash yourself well before getting into the bathtub. Keep your towel out of the bathtub. Do not run in the bath area, and do not swim in the bathtub.
  • English address: 4-1524 Shinnishihara Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi Prefecture
    English address
  • Opening hours: 7:00 ~9:00 (morning) 10:00 ~23:00
  • It's close by Kawaguchiko interchange of Chuo Highway Free shuttle bus availavle from Mt. Fuji station


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After climbing the Fujisan we went to the Fujiyama Onsen to relax and it was great. The onsen is very big and has different types of large baths. We got a discount in their web page

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