Fort Cornwallis

Attraction Leboh Light, Georgetown, Penang Island, Malaysia Published on: 01-07-2016

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The star-shaped Fort Cornwallis stands at the place where Francis Light and crew landed on August 11th, 1786 to "take possession" of the island of Penang. Before that the island belonged to the Sultan of Kedah.

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Why Fort Cornwallis is special ?

The star-shaped Fort Cornwallis stands at the place where Francis Light and crew landed on August 11th, 1786 to "take possession" of the island of Penang. Before that the island belonged to the Sultan of Kedah. August 11th 1786 was also the birth date of Prince Charles and hence Francis Light named Pulau Pinang as the Prince of Wales Island.

What to explore at Fort Cornwallis?

When visiting the fort, the five major must-see artefacts are, first and foremost, the statue of the legendary Sir Captain Francis Light. In fact, no visitors would be able to miss the statue of Francis Light as its positioned overlooking the fort entrance, greeting visitors. The bronze statue was sculpted by F.J. Wilcoxson in the year 1936 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Francis Light’s historic landing. Today, this statue, even though was sculptured based on his son, William Light’s picture, it is undeniably one of the famous icons associated with the history of the colonial era of Penang Island.

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Selling points

  • Piece of history
  • The Great Fortress of Penang
  • Insight into local history
  • A nicely presented piece of History
  • Interesting insight into Malaysia and its history
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Leboh Light, Georgetown, Penang Island, Malaysia

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Tips for you

  • Should take the guidebooks. There's a few photographs along the top wall that are interesting, do not missed.
    Things to do
  • Do not buy water in the fort area because it is RM3 for a small bottle. You could easily get a large bottle of water from Tesco for about RM0.70
    Things to do
  • There is give you drinking water here in their own bottles, a great collectible to take back. Free Wi-Fi.
  • The place quite small.
  • Must-see artefact would be the infamous Sri Rambai cannon, which has a history and folklore of its own standing.
    What to see
  • There is a lot of writing on the wall and this help you understand the history of the place. Prepare to real a lot.
    What to see
  • Should come in the afternoon since it is very hot at noon.
  • The park nearby is a nice shady place to sit for a rest when you are tired of walking in the intense heat. There are some nice stalls nearby where you can have ice kachang, chendol and other ice cream type deserts to cool you down.
    Things nearby
  • Car parking is right out front and plenty of it.


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But I was wrong. There is a big wall around the fort with some cannons sticking out. If you see the outside you've seen the most interesting part of the fort. The cost for admission (the entrance is by the playground) is 2 ringits. That fee gets you into a big empty field in the center of the fort. Why bother?

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some interesting writing in the old gunpowder rooms is quite informative, the place itself doesnt do much for the imagination, it makes a nice 1 hour trip out for 2 ringit

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Like the title says ... four walls ... that's basically all there is to see. There is an old cannon within the fort as well as an empty church and a statue of Sir Francis Light that isn't really Sir Francis Light but his son - there were no photographs of Sir Francis Light so they modeled the statue from his son's likeness. I appreciate a good fort, just not this one.

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There is a notorious canon located within the fort with a unique & magical history/legend. The place has a intreaging military history. Don't expect to see fort Knox though, this was built in days of yesteryear and even the remains of a moat can be seen surrounding the thick but by military standards, low walls. Was built as a administration centre rather than for defensive operations or a base for attack. Great WW1 & WW2 history to be had here, entrance fee is coinage.

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