Estrella Falls

Attraction Narra, Palawan Island, Philippines Published on: 13-11-2015

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Estrella Falls is a popular picnic destination for locals and especially family groups. This secluded destination features a refreshing swimming area with cascading cool waters from a 20-ft high falls.

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Why Estrella Falls is special ?

Estrella Falls is a popular picnic destination for locals and especially family groups. This secluded destination features a refreshing swimming area with cascading cool waters from a 20-ft high falls. It’s probably not worth a special trip down here from Puerto Princesa but it's a nice picnic spot for those that live in the area. Troops of monkeys come down on the weekends to get handouts from the local kids. No wonder, Estrella Falls has been a favorite destination of tourists in Palawan because it is considered as one of the cleanest inland bodies of water in the Philippines.


What to explore at Estrella Falls?

Estrella Falls is such a beautiful peaceful place to go to just submerge yourself in the water and hear the falls. The water is cold but invigorating. The falls is a good place to spend leisure time, especially family bonding. It has two waterfalls with fresh, cool waters coming from Victoria Peak. The clear water cascades to three natural pools of varying depths. Swimming in its basin is a refreshing activity. There are huts for shelter and BBQ facilities for cooking your own food. You can bring food and drinks and enjoy the rest of the day with your family and loved ones.


How to get to Estrella Falls?

Heading south on the National Highway from Puerto Princesa City, you can take a van or motorbike to Estrella River Waterfalls for a day jaunt. The trip from Puerto city center is approximately 2 1/2 hours one way.

At Narra you turn right between two gas stations and from there to the falls it's a graded dirt road. Head straight past the rice fields until you come to a sign to turn left at a sign indicating Estrella River Waterfalls.


Selling points

  • Great spot for photos both of the water
  • Nice falls and clear water
  • Cold water and relaxing scenery
  • Perfect spot for a hot day
  • A nice Puerto Princesa getaway
A nice 4 day trip to Puerto Princesa

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Narra, Palawan Island, Philippines

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Tips for you

  • You can hire a van with a driver for approximately 3500.00 per day and a van is capable of traversing the roads.
  • You need to pack up in a cooler all you need as there are no services or stores at the river itself.
    Things to do
  • They have ropes across the river at the deepest part after the falls and a rope in a tree you can swing from.
    Things to do
  • They have provided sinks to wash, Comfort rooms and places to grill any meats, fish or veggies you bring, but you need to bring your own charcoal as well.
    What to bring
  • You might want to bring your own toilet tissue because none is provided in the comfort rooms.
    What to bring
  • Make sure you bring a t-shirt and short to swim in even if you're a female as that is what all the locals there were wearing.
    What to wear
  • If you don't like crowds, do not go on a weekend.
  • There is a depth that is just right for good swimmers. Another pool has a medium depth that is safe for those who do not swim well and the last one is a shallow pool that is ideal for children.
    What to know
  • Across the river there are monkeys always begging for food. They will do "ninja moves" to pick bananas and any other fruits from your cottage.
    What to know


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We went there via motorcycle and it was a hot afternoon. When we arrived, we paid Php30 for entrance fee. It was a short distance to the falls. As we walked in, we saw people everywhere. It was crowded. No food or drinks allowed near the falls so they have an area where people can rent huts. As we went further, we saw more people swimming near the waterfalls and taking (ugh) selfies. So we waited for a while until almost all of them were gone. It was around 4pm when we dipped in the water. It was really cold. It was so clean and clear that I could see fish getting near my feet and some of them started nibbling my feet. When we were about to leave, we saw monkeys going down the trees. Don't be awed because they will try to steal your things. Luckily, we got our things in our bags before they came. Overall, it was a relaxing experience (if you go there before closing time which is 5pm).

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