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Attraction Ersha Island, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, China Published on: 18-09-2016

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Ersha Island or Jisa Island is an island located in Guangzhou China. It houses the American International School of Guangzhou, several apartment complexes, a badminton stadium, and a government sports training facility

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Why Er'sha Island is special ?

The Guangzhou Ersha Sland is featured by the most modern conditions in Guangzhou and houses the Xinghai Concert Hall, Guangdong Art of Museum, modern living blocks and sports training foundation with a large piece of green land.

Ersha Island is a sandbar located in Guangzhou, along the Pearl River. It covers a total area about 1.26 million square meters and 3.3 km long and the widest area is 600 meters, which makes this sandbar a distinctive place to enjoy both modern vitality and Cantonese Culture.

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How to get to Er'sha Island?

By Metro: It takes about 7minutes when you take line 6 or line 1 Guangzhou Metro. It only costs about $1By taxi: It will be more convenient when you get taxi. The hotline of Guangzhou taxi is 96900. The price is about from $4 to $5

Taking a bus Guangzhou Bus Terminal or bus No. 89, No. 194 can get access here.

Selling points

  • A little oasis in the concrete jungle of Guangzhou
  • Unique private accommodation with low density
  • Island in the Pearl River
  • Nice open space with view of the river
  • A world away from central Guangzhou
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Ersha Island, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, China

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Tips for you

  • It is a bitter difficult to get to by public transport, so you should get taxi or bicycle ride
  • Ersha island has some nice parks, it is suitable to come and relax
    Things to do
  • Xinghai Concert Hall and Guangdong Museum of Art are two interesting destinations to visit.
    What to see
  • There is very few restaurants , so you should eat before you visit
  • Quiet and relaxing place in the middle of the city chaos
  • Discounts are available for teachers and students in the Guangdong Museum of Art. The museum is not open on Monday.
  • There is the Pearl River Delta walkway full of life and activity every night.


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I live on Ersha Island, although it's an island it's not an island anymore. Major bus routes, trucks, high speed cars & cyclist's all use Ersha as through-way to Haisun/Haizhu. The parks are amazing but filled with people on the weekends - that's good but so many people. There's a Starbucks, art gallery/museum, concert hall, another Cafe called The Artists Coffee Pub, Vanguard grocery, several restaurants etc. and then there is the Pearl River Delta walkway full of life and activity every night. At nigh the river walk is a spectacle to be seen.

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