Dragon Bridge

Attraction Vo Van Kiet street, Da Nang City Published on: 02-12-2019

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The Dragon Bridge is a bridge over the Han river in Da Nang. This bridge created a wonderful attraction for both locals and tourists every night, especially at the weekend.

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Why Dragon Bridge is special ?

The Dragon Bridge with the shape of the dragon crossesis a bridge with a dragon over the Han River at Danang, Vietnam. Dragon Bridge is 666m long, 37.5m wide and has six lanes for traffic.It opened to traffic on March 29, 2013, at a cost of nearlyVND 1.5 trillion dong (US$88m). The bridge was designed by the US-based Ammann & Whitney Consulting Engineers with Louis Berger Group. Construction was undertaken by Company No. 508, an affiliate of Civil Construction Engineering Corporation No.5, and Bridge Company No. 75.

Main span was completed on October 26, 2011. The bridge was opened to traffic on March 29, 2013, the 38th anniversary of the liberation of DanangCity. This modern bridge crosses the Han River at the Le Dinh Duong/Bach Dang traffic circle, providing the shortest road link from the Danang International Airport to other main roads in DanangCity, and a more direct route to My Khe Beach and Non Nuoc Beach on the eastern edge of the City. The bridge was designed and built in the shape of a dragon and to breathe fire and water.

What to explore at Dragon Bridge?

Fire and Water Breathing The dragon on the bridge can breathe fire in 2 minutes with 3 minutes of water breathing after, making it an incredible highlight in Danang City. The water is sprayed out in a powerful blast reflecting the aspiration of Danang City. Fire and Water Performance: At 9.pm every weekends and holiday.

Taking a seat on the coffee shop at Danang Riverside Hotel, or at some local drink shops on the riverside are a great way for watching the show.

Many boats land in the roadside Bach Dang street, therefore tourists can easily book a tour for watching the show also.

How to get to Dragon Bridge?


If you stay near the beach area, then go along Vo Nguyen Giap street to My Khe beach, then you will see the roundabout of Vo Nguyen Giap street and Vo Van Kiet street, then turn left, go straight around 1km to another roundabout, go ahead and you can see this bridge.

In case your hotel located in the city center, head to Tran Phu street, go to the end of that street, and you will see this bridge on the left side (this is 1-way road).

During the show, no vehicle can go across the bridge, so if you want to take motorbike there, you must go earlier.

You can book the cruise boat ticket, enjoy the beauty of Han river , then they will take you to the dock near the dragon’s head. Check carefully that they do take you there.


Unfortunately, the local bus just works till 17.50, so you only can do this transportation at the day time. Get on the bus, mention the to the ticket money collector (they don’t sell the ticket, you just need pay to somebody) that your stop is Cham museum, then you just walk around 3 minute, and can see the bridge on your right side.

If you want to ride your motorbike there, head to An Bang highway (near An Bang beach), go straight till you see a seafood restaurant named “Thanh Hien” on your left side, go slowly to the roundabout then turn left, go along Vo Van Kiet road, skip the next roundabout, and here our dragon is.

Selling points

  • Unusual bridge, interesting waterfront
  • Absolutely spectacular on a weekend night
  • Beware of the Dragon's Roar
  • Not to miss & only available during weekends
  • Coolest bridge in Danang
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Vo Van Kiet street, Da Nang City

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Tips for you

  • You can book the cruise boat ticket, enjoy beauty of Han river, then they will take you to the dock near the dragon’s head. Check carefully that they do take you there.
    Things to do
  • Bring full-charged camera, tripod to capture the wonderful scenery here Get some snack and drink with you when you wait the show.
    What to bring
  • Great colorful photography at night. With the lights changing, the bridge turns to many color. And with the lights reflections of the river water, the view is spectacular
  • Taking photos and watching the show on River Cruise boat is also a good ideal. You can get the ticket from Bach Dang side ( around 200m far from the brigde) It is more beautiful and less crowded if you move to the riverbank in the opposite side of Danang riverside Hotel.
  • In case you forget you camera, they also have instant photo service, which cost around 1usd
  • There are many drink shops neer the riverside offering local drinks like sugarcane juice or coconut juice. If your stomach is not really good, should not try those drinks.
  • You should not stand to close to the head of the dragon. When it spays water, you may get wet, and there is no fun with the water from river.
  • They have staircase from ground to the bridge, but it is always crowded on Saturday and Sunday nights, so you should stay on the riverbank which is less crownded
  • If you travel on Saturday and sunday , should be there about 9h00pm to see dragon fire. After the fire show, it will then blow out water, soaking everyone on the bridge and directly below the bridge The bridge will breath the fire 3 times, which last for 10 minutes.
  • They will stop all traffic when the show perfoming. So you need to go there earlier than the show time (9PM), find a good place to enjoy the show.
  • During the show, no vehicle can go across the bridge, so if you want to take motorbike there, you must go earlier.
  • They have a coffee shop at Danang Riverside Hotel, near the dragon’s head. If you want to enjoy the show with your favourite cup of coffee, this will be a great ideal
    Things nearby
  • At the end of the dragon’s tail, you can turn right, keep walking around 5 minutes to a beautiful statues garden.
    Things nearby
  • There is no parking lot near the riverbank, so you need to find your own parking ( the local just park there bike on the sidewalk )
  • If you don’t like crowded, you can enjoy the show from Bambo bar
  • The Dragon Bridge is near to Danang Museum Of Cham Sculpture.


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Đây là 1 cây cầu độc đáo ở Việt nam, có hệ thống phun nước và phun lửa hiện đại, thu hút được đông đảo khách du lịch. Lời khuyên cho bạn khi đi xem cầu rồng phun nước và lửa vào 9h tối thứ 7 và cn hàng tuần, bạn nên đứng dưới đường ven bờ sông và xem rồng phun nước và lửa, nếu bạn đứng gần có thể sẽ bị ám mùi dầu và khói.

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Thích nhất là được đi bộ dọc 2 bờ sông hàn và nghỉ chân tại cầu rồng. Địa điểm hóng mát lý tưởng. Mọi người ở đây thật thân thiệt. An ninh tuyệt đối an toàn. Cuối tuần được mãn nhãn với rồng phun lửa và phun nước độc đáo. Love this!

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Come at the weekend to see the dragon sets fire and water.

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Every saturday @9pm there is a fire and water show from Dragon mouth..

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Walking on the bridge on a Monday evening, we were surprised to notice we were the only foreigner. There seems to be a lot of locals, from inside and outside Da Nang hanging around. I suppose this might be the place to be?We were told that on Saturday evenings the dragon's head actually spit fire - disappointed we missed that. However the light works in the evenings awed us enough.

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First saw the Dragon Bridge during the day, but our hotel suggested we go back at night to see the light show. After a short taxi trip from the hotel we were dropped on the breach side of the bridge. There are many spots to get great photos of the bridge as the lights change. A walk across to the city side of the bridge bets you to the riverside area where further photography is possible. Missed the dragon breathing fire as we were there during the week, maybe next time.

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We stopped in da nang for one night on our way to hoi an. We were really surprised by this place, excellent food, shops, super friendly locals, lovely riverside area to walk and of course the Dragon bridge. We were there on a Sunday night so managed to catch the 9pm fire show. The dragon shaped bridge actually breathes fire and then water as the coloured lights change - really fantastic to watch. All the locals gather at the riverside to watch so it's a lovely atmosphere and everyone is really friendly and inquisitive of westerners, lots of Vietnamese kids trying out their English - mainly 'hello how are you?' . One local told me not to stand under the dragons head when it shoots water, apparently it's water from the river which smells pretty bad!

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A spectacular performance of the dragon exhaling fire and water held on weekends. You should probably see the dragon panoramically from a boat and in close-up from the bridge as well.


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