Ding Ding Tram (Double Deckers)

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Ding Ding Tram is a historical treasure for Hong Kong. It's called one of the world's top ten trolley rides, offering locals and visitors a century old method of transportation.

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Why Ding Ding Tram (Double Deckers) is special ?

Take a step back in time and explore the bustling north corridor of Hong Kong Island aboard one of the city's historic trams. These double-decker streetcars have been travelling through Hong Kong's busiest thoroughfares since 1904 and continue to be an affordable, inexpensive and fun way to get around.

Grab a seat next to a window on the upper deck for the best views. Neighbourhoods you might pass through on your journey include some of Hong Kong's most colourful, such as Western district, Wan Chai, Happy Valley, Causeway Bay and North Point. Trams run daily from early morning until midnight.

What to explore at Ding Ding Tram (Double Deckers)?

Ding Ding Tram has an altitude of 552 meters (1811 feet), which is and excellent way to appreciate the night view of Hong Kong. You can reach the Peak Tower directly by the peak tram. The Peak Tower is a bowl-like building on the middle of the Peak at an altitude of 398 meters (1306 feet) and is designed by a Britain architect, Terry Farrell.

It starts from Garden Road in Central and the final destination is the Peak Tower. The trip only takes about 15 minutes to finish. To date, it has been accident free. You can take the subway and get off at Central Station and then go to the Star Ferry Bus Terminus via Exit K. At the bus terminus, you can take Bus No.15C to the Lower Peak Tram Terminus

Source: http://www.travelchinaguide.com/

Selling points

  • A lovely experience
  • A great journey in Hong Kong
  • Usefull attraction
  • Fun mode of transport
  • Hong Kong's Real Life Fun House
1 day shop, food and culture in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong Tramways Ltd, Hong Kong

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Tips for you

  • It's a very local transport system and can be pretty quick because you don't have the traffic jams.
  • You need to get on the tram at the back and then PAY the exact fare at the front when you’re getting off.
    Things to do
  • The ride is fun and you can see lots about Hong Kong commuter daily life.
    What to see
  • All trams accept Octopus cards.
  • It may be very noisy so be aware of it if you don't like this
  • It crosses the entire island and allows you to reach nearly anywhere.
  • A very cheap way to see the beautiful Hongkong
  • Single Fare for the Trams is HK2.30 regardless of where you get on or off. You pay when you exit the tram.


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for $2.4 HK, you can ride for almost an hour across HK island from east to west, and get off at the attractions in between. The tram goes just slightly faster than running, maybe 50kmh max? there are a few lines and some trams stop at earlier stops instead of going end to end, so make sure you read the sign... Happy Valley will not get you to Causeway Bay but in that general direction. Try to avoid the rush hours as the tram does get filled up and there's not a lot of room to stand (and no standing in the stairway). if you are visiting HK, it's a MUST-DO (just like the Star Ferry) Just sit back look out the window and take it all in SLOWLY...

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wonderfull thing to do in hongkong 2.50 dollar for all day and the drivers are the best we ever seen thanks to them

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A definite fun thing to experience, not sure if it still is but at one time it was the longest escalator (Outdoors) in the world, still seems like it must be, it goes on for what seems like forever, you can jump off anywhere to enjoy a cold one or a great food joint. Really well worth riding it, but do it at night time or on a weekend evening to really enjoy the atmosphere. Calm to Wild and Crazy on the Journey with everything in between. Safe environment all the way up.

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An easy way to go back in time and visit Hong Kong Island main road back and forth. You can leave from downtown and go way west in (a bit more) more traditional areas. No aircon, so open the windows and open the street life of Hong Kong.

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