Denzuin Temple

Attraction 3-14-6 Koishikawa Bunkyo, Tokyo 112-0002 Japan Published on: 26-02-2016

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Denzuin Temple, formally known as Muryozan Denzuin Jikyuji Temple, is a Buddhist temple in Bunkyo Tokyo. Denzuin Temple was built by Tokugawa Ieyasu and dedicated it to his mother. Kafu Nagai, a Japanese novelist, placed his story in Denzuin Temple.

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Why Denzuin Temple is special ?

Very few travelers would claim to have visited or even heard of this shrine. Located a fair distance from the nearest train stations, it is not easy to chance upon it either. Historically, this temple was commissioned by Ieyasu Tokugawa for his mother. As with most temples in Japan, a beautiful interior and serene atmosphere can be enjoyed

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What to explore at Denzuin Temple?

Denzuin Temple does not take a very prominent place among the temples of Tokyo visited by tourists, but it must have been quite special to its founder, Tokugawa Ieyasu, who dedicated this temple to his mother, Odaino-kata. The temple was supported by the Tokugawa shoguns and their family and it is one of the leading 18 monasteries in the Kanto area. The cemetery to the left and behind the temple has great history significance since the graves of many prominent women connected to the Tokugawa family can be found there, among them those of Odaino-kata and Senhime.

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How to get to Denzuin Temple?


About 10 minutes on foot from Korakuen Station on the Nanboku Line or the Marunouchi Line

or also About 9 minutes on foot from Kazuga Station on the Oedo Line or the Mita Line


Selling points

  • Historical sites
  • A beautiful Buddhist temple
  • To be in a famous Japanese novel
  • Peaceful and sarced atmostphere
  • Where people coming to pray
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3-14-6 Koishikawa Bunkyo, Tokyo 112-0002 Japan

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Tips for you

  • In the spring there is cherry blossom season.
  • It is more interesting if you visit in a group.
  • The garden around the temple is picturesque
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This is the Tokugawa house. Yukari temple located in the middle of the Korakuen Station and Myōgadani Station. It became totally clean and neat impression a few years ago by performing the rebuilding work, such as gate. Since the Tokugawa family crest of a noble family of Aoi is dotted on site, even a walk while looking for might be good.

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