de Wave Spa & Reflexology

Spa Jalan Langensari 21, Yogyakarta, Indonesia Published on: 13-11-2015

10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
13.00 USD

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  • Highly recommended by fellow travellers.
De WAVE Spa & Reflexology. A place to escape from the routines and a weary day. Take a break and have full body treatments. Relax, Revive & Restore your Beauty.

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Why de Wave Spa & Reflexology is special ?

De WAVE Spa & Reflexology.
A place to escape from the routines and a weary day. Take a break and have full body treatments.
Relax, Revive & Restore your Beauty

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Jalan Langensari 21, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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lumayan melepas penat!

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Good Price for such Service

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Nice place to get massage ??

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Enak bgt pijetannya, spa jg oke ada jacuzzi susu dan ruangan bersih

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I went to De Wave spa three times during my stay in Yogyakarta and had two excellent and one good massage. I get a lot of massages when I travel and this was one of the best spas I've found across SE Asia and probably THE BEST value!I chose a 90min massage, followed by 15min in a private jacuzzi. The massage was done in a private room with shower and the tub (designed for couples massage, with two tables). This is much nicer than what even some of the hotel spas offer at 2-3x the price!It's a family spa with male and female therapists, very professional. The first two therapists were excellent, knew how much pressure to apply and were able to spot and work out tight spots. The third therapist seemed to be new, was not as experienced, but still managed a good massage.The front desk spa was very friendly and professional as well. The will help with a taxi as well. The facilities are nice - check out their photos online.The rate for a 90min aromatherapy massage with jacuzzi was IDR120,000 - which is a fraction of the price of some of the hotel or other street spas. And those often don't even have a jacuzzi or private room with shower!The De Wave spa is walking distance to the Grand Aston hotel or a short taxi ride from the center of town.I'd recommend it wholeheartedly!

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My friend and I came here to get some last minute massage right before our flight and we were not disappointed. Both of our massages are with the right amount of pressure and to the point. There's also shower available after your oil massage.The price is also very competitive, our aroma oil massage was just IDR90000 each. I'd definitely come here again to try their scrub next time.The only thing is the menu doesn't have English but it's not that hard to guess what they are. The staff also speaks a bit English so communication is not that hard :)

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As an overseas traveller I really love to try so many things in Yogya , I went to sooooo many spa and massage centre also tried some shiatsu massage centre bcoz I had problem with my backpain every time walking on some tourism spot that took time too long. I went to De Wave bcoz I want to try their spa and jacuzzi things and maybe they can fix my backpain by massage but then when I was arrived to the place I was decided to trying Spa Jacuzzi Steam blabla and pedicure Manicure aaaaand wash hair+blow dry (woman oh woman).My therapist name is Wiwin , first she was asked me to change clothes with their robe and she washed my feet , then after that steam session.After that body massage beggin , I love massage session so I was enjoy it and when she gave me massage how come she can detect my illness and yes its correct like doctor analyze hihihi she knew I have kidney problem and womb prob plus backpain . Whew seems like shaman she knew everything doh!After session body scrub ,whoaaaaaa soooo clean,more clean than other spa spots ever gave to me, she gave best treatment for body scrubing. And yeah session after this is,body mask and after that jacuzzzzzzi time then shower.The massage room so clean , I love the theraphist,very professional with very cheap price {wondering how come the owner get profit with very cheap price like that}.After shower finished they gave me drink and cracker then next treatment is menicure pedicure and wash+hair blow dry with OTHER therapist. On pedicure menicure I felt uncomfort with the therapist, I don't know her name bcoz she didn't know how to treat my nails on good way she need to learn about meni pedi I think. And Hair treatment handled by another therapist , I love the ways she massage my hair , but I don't like the way she blow dried my hair ,she also need to learn . Next time I will go again to that place in Jogja for spa jacuzzi again and ask Wiwin to be my therapist. Its just cost me Rp280.000. Its sooooo worth it and my backpain gone and knee pain also gone. Waaaaaaaa jogja I love u.

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What more can I say about this spa. It is incredible and worth our time. Me and my missus took a 2.5 hours package that consisted of foot, body, facial massage and topped up with pedicure. All for less than 15 USD per pax. Spa is clean and modern while staffs are attentive and courteous. Location might be a bit off but a short taxi ride should do the trick to Jalan Lagensari. High recommended.

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Enak bgt pijetannya, spa jg oke ada jacuzzi susu dan ruangan bersih

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