Dane Pha Sandstone Canyon

Remote Route 13, Vientiane, Laos Published on: 13-11-2015

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Dane Pha Sandstone Canyon is good for

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The Dane Pha Canyon is comprised of several corridors of bulging pink sandstone rocks, with a valley filled with waters from nearby hills that traverses between them.

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Why Dane Pha Sandstone Canyon is special ?

There are three ceremonial plaques marking three prominent deceased individuals from the nearby town. As well, three places are carved into the side of the valley and contain some buddha statues.

What is this mysterious places, with its pink sandstone canyon, not exactly pink, but certainly not the normal brown? A day hike can be done to explore along either the bottom or along the top of the ridge. Be careful of spots wherein the water streams down into the valley, as it may be somewhat slippery.  Plans are in the works to build a new Wat onsite, as the old one fell into disrepair and was entirely abandoned. Off the beaten track, and certainly worth a wander.

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What to explore at Dane Pha Sandstone Canyon?

How to get to Dane Pha Sandstone Canyon?

Dane Pha Sandstone Canyon is located about an hour a half outside of Vientiane, Laos at km 70 on the main route 13.  To reach the Dane Pha Canyon, take Route 13 north from Vientiane and turn west onto a dirt road at about 500 meters south of the turn off to the Nam Ngum Dam. It’s situated in Ban Phone Hong village.

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Route 13, Vientiane, Laos

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