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Attraction 136 St, Phnom Penh, Cambodia Published on: 13-11-2015

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Good for family with kids Family with kids Good
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Dance World Cambodia re opened in 2012 (after running as Dance Workshop Cambodia since 2008-11) and moved to it's permanent location in August 2014.

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Why Dance World is special ?

Dance World Cambodia re opened in 2012 (after running as Dance Workshop Cambodia since 2008-11) and moved to it's permanent location in August 2014.

The schools Business Director is Takamitsu Takiguchi who is currently studying his MBA through Bond University, Australia. Creative Director/Founder is Ms Laura Joy Kiddle (AUS) who has years of teaching and professional dance experience, enjoyment in keeping up to date with dance trends, with a solid foundation in RAD syllabus ballet, and an understanding that all students learn at different paces, the teaching environment is friendly, while keeping a high level of expectation and professionalism from the students. Their venue is 7×8 meters with sprung wooden floor, ballet barres and a wall of mirrors.


What to explore at Dance World?

Classical Ballet (Children)

Ballet classes at Dance World are based heavily on the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus, students are placed according to their ability as well as age. Classes include barre and centre work and choreographies direct from RAD syllabus.

3-6 years is pre ballet to Grade 2 (depending Level I or II)

7-0 years in Grade 2-4 (depending level I or II)

11-16 years is Grade 4-5 and Pointe work, we also add Contemporary (*see description)

All students take part in examination week each term.

Modern Dance (Children)

Is a mix of modern dance & Commercial jazz (MTV style) with technique work and exercises aimed at strengthening muscles and improving dance technique.

Class is split into warm up and stretch, corner work (jetes, turns, kicks, layouts, traveling steps, etc)

The rest of the class is dedicated to learning a choreography (some just once off, and a few others that we will aim to finish by the end of term) last 5 minutes used for stretching and warm down.

Choreography is set to current pop, hip hop as well as classic dance tracks. In class students will learn all the basics of dance, how to hold the body correctly, feet and arm co ordination and placement, basic steps, isolations of the body and sequences, it´s informative, challenging and fun.


In this creative class we dance to a wide range of music and try out different styles and ways to move our body. Choreography and music is diverse. Class is split into warm up and stretch, corner work and sequences, as well as choreographies (some new each week, and a few we will add to week after week) Students will explore how to ´release´ their bodies, we will also try some different exercises and combinations based in various methods.


Class is structured to include a high energy warm up, sequences, foot and arm work and choreography. Learn routines from the top Bollywood films. Saturday class is child friendly for kids under 12 when accompanied by an adult.


Gymnastic training can begin at age 4, classes at DWC will revolve around floor work and flexibility. There are two levels I or II and students will be placed accordingly over their first lesson.


Class is good for anyone experiencing lower back problems or any problem area from injury whether dance related or not. The class focuses on gentle movement and stretching.

Adult Ballet

Classical Ballet class will cover barre and center work and combinations, traveling steps and turns with some Adage and Allegro work and a small choreography. Students will learn correct terminology and placements.

Open for beginners and intermediate level

Barre & Stretch

An hour long class spent at the ballet barre and on yoga mats, we will introduce different exercises with basis in pilates, ballet, aerobics and yoga. Perfect for people wishing to tone up and improve flexability

Baby Dance World

Dance is a powerful ally for developing many of the attributes of a growing child. Dance helps children mature physically, emotionally, socially, and cognitively. A Parent/Carer + Child class to enjoy together.


How to get to Dance World?

The best way to get DAnce World is by tuk tuk. You can hire a private car to get there. It takes 31 mins driving from Phnom Penh International Airport.

Selling points

  • Great place for all ages
  • Good class for kid's development
  • For dance lovers
  • Good service, good teachers
  • Lots of fun
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136 St, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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Tips for you

  • Toilet is available.
  • You should wear the comfortable shoes and cool clothes.
    What to wear
  • It is located at Corner of Street 19 and 136 #114 level 1 (above Sweet Tea shop) entrance on 136 on the Norodom side. Daun Penh.
  • To get detailed in formation, you should visit the official website.
  • Parking lot is available.

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