Dafu Mountain Forest Park

Attraction Panyu Daifushan Forest Park Parking Lot, 668 禺山西路 Panyu, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China Published on: 18-09-2016

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Dafu Mountain Forest Park is good for

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Dafu Mountain Forest Park is a paradise to nature enthusiasts and offers picture-perfect scenery of several lakes, colorful flowering plants as well as an abundance of fauna.

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Why Dafu Mountain Forest Park is special ?

Dafu Mountain Forest Park spans across a massive area of 600 hectares. It is an extremely popular tourist attraction in the area and is flocked by tourists throughout the year, wishing to experience the fantastic natural scenery of the area.It is commonly referred to as the "oxygen bar of Panyu District" by locals for its refreshingly cool climate and is well-worth a visit for travellers sight-seeing around the Panyu area.

What to explore at Dafu Mountain Forest Park?

You can walk up and down the hills, which is pretty and relatively quiet. Riding is also an interesting activity. Besides, you can have a BBQ on a rent-a-BBQ pit, which seemed incredibly popular. Don’t forget take a boat out onto the lake. Or you can just mooch and mince and watch the world go past. It is also possible to visit some of the mosques near the Dafu Mountain Forest Park area such as the Huaisheng Mosque which is one of the main mosques near the Panyu area.

How to get to Dafu Mountain Forest Park?

You can take Bus 288 and go directly to Dafu Mountain Forest Park. Or, you can also take Subway Line 3 and then take Panyu Bus 15, Panyu Bus 16, Panyu Bus 18, Panyu Bus 9, Panyu Bus 23 b or Panyu Bus 9 Chang to get to Dafu Mountain Forest Park.

Source : http://www.chinatravel.com

Selling points

  • Such a good park
  • Bicycling with friends
  • Pretty scenery, great place to BBQ w friends
  • Cycling in Guangzhou
  • Good time with friends
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Panyu Daifushan Forest Park Parking Lot, 668 禺山西路 Panyu, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

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Tips for you

  • Cycling, boating or camping is popular activities in this area.
    Things to do
  • You can walk along to see trees and flowers everywhere, rivers and mountains.
    What to see
  • Restaurants around the park are not great, so either you take your sandwiches.
  • Weekend is reasonable time to visit.
  • To visit this place, requiring a lot of physical strength (bicycle uphill when you go there to walk there), and endurance. Dr. Hill and now some places are still under construction.
  • There are dozens of shops renting bicycles outside the scenic area and you can rent one (RMB10) for a whole day.
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Difficult to find a place to ride a bike in Guangzhou, this is The place! There are hundreds of people biking in this park, so not the peaceful ride in the nature but at least the chance to do an activity away from the shopping malls and city crowds. There are lakes in the park, you can rent an electric boat to rest for a while, a kfc (or maybe mc donald i don't remember) at one of the gates (not the main one). Rent your bike outside the park it's much cheaper

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