Da Deo Pass

Attraction Thuong Trach, Bo Trach, District Quang Binh, Province Vietnam Published on: 17-03-2017

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Da Deo Pass is a fierce war-time place, associated with lots of loss and many great victories. This pass is located on the legendary Truong Son Road in the past war time.

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Why Da Deo Pass is special ?

Da Deo Pass is proud to be one of the best King Kong 2 movie's scenes. And it has been well-known around the world since then.

The pass is named Da Deo because it lays across the top of a limestone mountain with the length of tens of kilometers. The pass is hidden behind the dark blue Truong Son forest in the west of Quang Binh province.

Today, the flat wide road to Da Deo Pass is surrounded by the vast majestic Truong Son forest. Not far from the pass is a fork, where the legendary two-half East-West parts are divided. Just traveling along the Ho Chi Minh Trail to enjoy the forest scent, stopping at the stone marker to enjoy the tranquil forest scenery, sometimes expecting the singing bird sound far away. Passing this land to discover the fascinating history of the old time. Old stories of the past are like sediment carved into the rock.



Thuong Trach, Bo Trach, District Quang Binh, Province Vietnam

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