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Attraction Japan 〒231-0001 Kanagawa Prefecture, Yokohama, Naka Ward, Shinko, 2−3−4 カップヌードルミュージアム 安藤百福発明記念館 Published on: 27-02-2016

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The Cup Noodles Museum is a fun and interactive museum that shows the history of instant ramen noodles using a combination of whimsical exhibits and hands on workshops.

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Why Cupnoodles Museum is special ?

The Cup Noodles Museum is a fun and interactive museum that shows the history of instant ramen noodles using a combination of whimsical exhibits and hands on workshops. There are also several activities at the museum including the popular My Cupnoodles Factory workshop where you can create your own original cup noodle by mixing and matching a variety of soup flavors and toppings. It costs 300 yen and may sell out on busy days. In the My Chicken Ramen workshop you can make your own instant ramen noodles from scratch, package them, and take them home to eat. The workshop takes about 90 minutes, costs 500 yen, and requires advance reservations.

The museum also has the Cupnoodles Park (300 yen) children's playground, which is modeled after a factory where kids play noodles being made and shipped out; and the entertaining Noodles Bazaar, which is a food court designed to look like an Asian night market complete with the sounds hawkers and traffic. The noodles bazaar serves eight different noodle dishes and canned drinks from around the world. The small portions cost 300 yen and are a fun way to sample a variety of flavors.


What to explore at Cupnoodles Museum?

If you love instant ramen and want to learn much, much more about the ubiquitous snack and its inventor, Momofuku Ando, you've come to the right place. Walk around inside a replica of the original shed where Ando first created instant ramen back in 1958. Stroll through the "Instant Ramen History Cube" to follow the evolution of flavors and packaging in the intervening decades. Draw inspiration from, or simply be mystified by, the museum's "Creative Thinking Box."

The highlight for most visitors seems to be the My Cup Noodles Factory, where you assemble and take home your own custom-made package of noodles. First, buy an empty styrofoam cup (Y300), which you can personalize with your own package design using magic markers. Select a flavor of powdered broth (your choice of four) and four freeze-dried toppings (out of twelve options), then watch as the whole thing is vacuum-packed, sealed, and presented in a balloon-like inflated plastic carrier.

Hard-core fans can sign up for the ninety-minute Chicken Ramen Factory experience (Y300), a hands-on workshop in instant-ramen making (in Japanese; advance reservation required). Very young museum patrons might enjoy the Cup Noodle Park play area, which somehow simulates the noodle-making experience from the point of view of the noodles. Hungry visitors will certainly want to sample the fare in the exotically appointed Noodles Bazaar food court, which serves representative noodle dishes from eight countries - Kazakhstan, Italy, Malaysia, Vietnam, China, Korea, Thailand and Indonesia. Half-size portions are Y300, so you can try more than one if you like.


How to get to Cupnoodles Museum?

The Cup Noodles Museum is a 10 minute walk from either Minato Mirai Station on the Minato Mirai Line (3 minutes, 180 yen from Yokohama Station) or Sakuragicho Station on the JR Negishi Line (3 minutes, 140 yen from Yokohama Station) and Yokohama Subway Line.

The Akaikutsu Loop Bus connects Sakuragicho Station with the nearby Landmark Plaza, the Pacifico Convention Center, World Porters (across from the Cup Noodles Museum), the Red Brick Warehouses and other sights in central Yokohama. It costs 100 yen per ride.


Selling points

  • Design and make your own cup noodle
  • Make your personalise cup noodles
  • Noodles for all tastes
  • Interesting for both Adults and Children
  • Pretty cool for a noodle museum
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Japan 〒231-0001 Kanagawa Prefecture, Yokohama, Naka Ward, Shinko, 2−3−4 カップヌードルミュージアム 安藤百福発明記念館

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Tips for you

  • On the second floor is the museum, which shows ramen noodles and how it has developed over the last hundred years.
    What to see
  • The balcony also offers beautiful views of the harbour.
  • There are English translations everywhere, even for the video.
  • There is also a drink dispenser that you can get soft drinks from and has free refills.
  • You may want to get there early or make reservations if you want to make your own noodles from scratch and package it.
  • The third floor is the highlight! There is a cafeteria that features several activities.
    Things to do
  • You can also buy ramen cups and noodles (~$3USD each), color your cup, pick your own toppings and flavorings, seal it, and put it in a bubble backpack.
    Things to do
  • There's a noodle bazaar on the top floor with noodles from all around the world (not included in the price).
    Things to do
  • There's a children's play area next to the noodle bazaar for added entertainment.
    Things to do


TripAdvisor View more

The museum tells the story about how the Nissin cup noodle begins. Very impressive, and also have noodles from other countries lined up on the walls in the museum. The highlight of the museum is designing your own cup noodles container and watching it being filled. It makes a great souvenir. You can also enjoy noodles from around the world at the top floor. One way to fill up your time when in Yokohama.

FourSquare View more

affordable admission. cheap to make your own ramen. try the chicken ramen

Incredible fun will be had at the cup ramen museum in the beautiful city of Yokohama. The outside looks like a box and the inside is equally as futuristic-feeling and contemporary. Great for children, there were many interactive aspects to the museum. There was a wall of all the instant ramen ever made and what "cup noodles" looks like in various countries like U.S.A, China, Brazil...etc. You can even make your own customization ramen in their upstairs "factory". You got to choose your own flavoring and 4 add-ins like corn, chicken, egg, green onion...weird cartoon chicken head chips? It was a lot of fun and you could draw on the cup with special markers. At the end of the tour they have a cafe that mimics a south-asian market with ramen noodles from around the word. Each dish was made with cup noodle noodles but made and flavored for that specific country. I got the Indonesian Mei Goreng, SO GOOD! Thank you Monofuku Ando for creating instant ramen, thus creating this incredible museum!

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