Climbing at Pha Poak Mountain

Attraction Pha Poak , Vang Vieng, Lao Published on: 03-05-2016

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Climbing Pha Poak is a popular activity for many who visit Vang Vieng and it's an easy walk to the base though more difficult climb to the summit.

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Why Climbing at Pha Poak Mountain is special ?

From the top of Pha Poak the views are sensational, with the entire town of Vang Vieng on one side and the dramatic karst mountains on the other. For such a short climb, the payoff is immense. While Pha Poak isn't as lofty as Pha Ngeun, it is fortuitously placed right in front of the dramatic and iconic limestone formations that Vang Vieng is known for, making it a unique vantage point. The view was first class.


What to explore at Climbing at Pha Poak Mountain?

It's a 30-minute climb from the base of the hill to the summit. The path is steep with sharp jagged rocks, making the going quite tough, especially when wearing flip-flops -- shoes are highly recommended. Along the way you encounter makeshift ladders built from bamboo and wood, which aid in the climb but they can be unnervingly rickety.

Getting back down the mountain is in some ways as difficult as the climb up and having long legs is an advantage when negotiating the large cumbersome rocks. For some this climb will be impossible, for others it'll be a walk in the park. For most it'll be a medium-difficulty climb ensuring sore legs the next day, and a worthy excursion.


How to get to Climbing at Pha Poak Mountain?

To get to Pha Poak, walk down the main road to the river in the centre of town, pass the tubing shop, head down the track to the river and cross the bamboo bridge. Follow the small path between Banana Bungalows and Cliff View Bungalows for 1.2 kilometres until you reach the base of the hill with the red flag on top. Signs point the way to Lusi Cave and Pha Poak.


Selling points

  • Best view ever
3 days in Vang Vieng for backpackers

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Pha Poak , Vang Vieng, Lao

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Tips for you

  • Wear sensible shoes and watch your footing
    What to wear
  • The top is quite small so it's best not to have too many people around.
  • You can keep on walking along the path to Lusi Cave, a proper cave.
    Things nearby
  • The way down took us 25 minutes, a big longer
  • If you want to explore the "cave", it won't take more than 3 minutes as there isn't really much to see.
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