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Attraction Sandoval St Puerto Princesa Palawan Philippines Published on: 13-11-2015

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Baywalk where locals and tourists can witness beautiful sunsets while relaxing on top of the dikes, jogging around its pathways, chatting with friends, having a drinking spree, or eating dinner

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Why City Baywalk is special ?

The City Baywalk is a long stretch of promenade, well paved walkway right beside the bay. It's Puerto Princesa's version of Manila Bay except perhaps this is more neat, the air is fresher, the water is cleaner. The kilometer or so cemented walkway is lined with palm trees, some flowers and lamp posts, benches and of course the view of the bay.

Puerto Princesa Baywalk is excellent places where people can have a drink or grab a bite to eat. Thus, enterprising locals set up small food stalls here to serve the populace. Simply walk around until you find a place whose array of mouthwatering delights and ice-cold beverages suits you.


What to explore at City Baywalk?

The new park has generous space for strolling and biking. There are seahorse-shaped waiting sheds. But there’s hardly any store to buy your drinks from although some ambulant vendors roam around. The stretch of the sea wall provides a perfect place to sit back and observe the sail boats parked nearby.

The bay side is a safe and refreshing place to unwind. The still-blue waters that lap against the walls sparkle. You can sit back, enjoy the mild sun and feel the fresh sea breeze. An afternoon visit offers very few people milling around, but in the evening, the place transforms into a haven for lovers and friends lazily hanging around (unless it rains). This is obviously a welcome addition to the city’s limited hang-out areas.

There are several concrete benches beside the trees facing the sea or just sit at the long ledge on the edge of the bay, good way to watch the sunset in the late afternoon. Few steps from the promenade are lines of foodcarts selling cold drinks, various streetfood. A lot of students hang around the area during the daytime. Bicycles are available (at P75 per hour) for rent in the late afternoon when the breeze is cooler, although, the kids will be dominating the cycling scene.

In the evening, especially during the weekends, there are several seafood joints where you could just sit, relax, have a dinner or a drink. Most visitors in the city prefer coming to the baywalk during the evening, it's more fun dining here than within the confines of a hotel's restaurant or fastfood or even those popular touristy fancy dining establishments within the city. Food and drinks at baywalk - albeit not comparable to fine dining - are affordable amidst the cool ambiance of the bay plus you get to mingle with the locals.


How to get to City Baywalk?

Take a shared tricycle (P8 - 10 per passenger) and ask the driver to drop you off at the Baywalk. If you're staying at the city centre though, it's a walking distance. The city baywalk is also one of the stop of the 600 pesos per head “CityTour” available at your hotels and all tour operators in the downtown. Or hire a Multicab if you're a big group, it's more reasonable and you can always skip and add itineraries within your time.


Selling points

  • Sun, sea, mountain
  • Nice leisurely stroll with a view.
  • Great way to spend an evening
  • Where the night is always young
  • Good place to enjoy sunset
A nice 4 day trip to Puerto Princesa

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Sandoval St Puerto Princesa Palawan Philippines

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Tips for you

  • If you’re on a tight budget, then having dinner at any of the food stalls at the Baywalk should be in your itinerary. Food that is sold here—barbecues, snacks, carenderia viands, etc.— is very affordable.
  • You have to be a bit adventurous to eat there as food looks unusual and lots of stalls you wonder if ever inspected by the health dept.
  • Several fishing boats and yacht sailing on the bay. The beautiful mountain range is visible at a fair distance as well as some kampong or hamlet of houses on the water.
    What to see
  • The tourist police station is at a near distance, and patrolling around, so it feels safe.
  • Located right at the city center so if you’re staying somewhere near the cathedral or NCCC, you’re never far, it’s a fair distance walk. But if you’re a little lazy or unable to do a long walk, then take a tricycle, it will run along Malvar street and get off at the intersection of Malvar and Del Pilar Street.
  • For a small fee, you can rent a bike or a bike with side-car
    Things to do
  • Rent the bicycle if you are too lazy to walk
    Things to do


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Do not visit the place during lunch time. No shade and the shops are still closed.Night time is fun and relaxing coz lights are bright in different colors and a lot of shops to buy any kind of goods.

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Decent place for a walk. Can be a little crowded at times. Avoid it during Christmas; especially when they light the tree.

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Baywalk is all the day very quite place, but in the evening and especially in the night is there a lot of people, music, very good street food for little money. We were there before Xmas and huge Xmas tree stood in the middle of this place. It is very good place for night life and have a fun with friends, but beware of blackouts.

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Do not visit the place during lunch time. No shade and the shops are still closed. Night time is fun and relaxing coz lights are bright in different colors and a lot of shops to buy any kind of goods.

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