Ci En Pagoda

Attraction Yuchi Township, Nantou, Taiwan Published on: 02-11-2016

1 hour
09:00 AM - 04:30 PM
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Ci En Pagoda was built by the late President Chiang Kai-shek in memory of his mother. It was completed in April 1971 and sits on the 954 meter-high Shabalan Mountain.

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Yuchi Township, Nantou, Taiwan

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It's located on Sha Ba Lan Mountain near Sun Moon Lake. This pagoda has the best view over the Lake and mountains. It was recommended by a local that also told us that we wouldn't find any Chinese tour there. And she was right. There is a short trail (mainly stairs) to reach the pagoda. The views from the top are stunning. And the pagoda itself is very interesting. It was built by Chiang Kai-Shek in memory of his mother in 1971. The construction was very difficult because the materials had to be shipped over the lake and moved up the mountain. Don't miss it!

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This Pagoda is a stop that perhaps not many tours take but our did and we were the only people in the entire area. It was a very good but somewhat tiring climb but well worth the hike. The scenery on the hike is beautifully green and filled with photo opportunities. It is wellworth the hike and the views of Sun Moon Lake are supposed to be spectacular. We had the misfortune of a thick blanket of fog but it was still fun. This is a definite must do while in the Sun Moon Lake area.

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