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Shopping Jalan Dalem KG III, Yogyakarta, Indonesia Published on: 13-11-2015

09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
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Chocolate Monggo is a home-made chocolate created in full respect of the old tradition. All Monggo products are made of the finest dark chocolate with 100% cocoa butter.

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Why Chocolate Monggo is special ?

Chocolate Monggo is produced in Indonesia and prepared with the utmost respect for the tradition of the great master chocolatiers. All Monggo products are made of the finest dark chocolate with 100% cocoa butter. The best cocoa beans are selected from the Javanese, Sumatran and Celebes plantations. Each flavor has a genuine taste of Indonesian ingredients and is a creation of our Belgian chocolatier in our ‘maison de production’ in Yogyakarta. Chocolate Monggo is made from a fine selection of Javanese and Sumatran cocoa beans. All the Monggo products are 100% natural and most of the packaging are made of recycled paper. All products are made of dark chocolate and each flavor is a creation of our own Belgian chocolatier in our "maison de production" in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.


What to explore at Chocolate Monggo?

The Chocolate Mongo showroom and factory at Kotagede is decorated in Javanese-styled design, and the displays full of chocolate will bring out an impressive, pleasing experience. It becomes even better when having some testers of the various tastes available. Also, you can also directly watch how the chocolates are being produced. The process, which is highly hygienic and careful, ensures the quality of the chocolates we're about to take home. Better still, all products made by Monggo Chocolate uses local natural ingredients, while all the packaging uses recycled papers. Monggo Chocolate will also be pleased to cheer up your special moments by offering chocolate souvenirs by request.


How to get to Chocolate Monggo?

You can reach the Chocolate Mongo:

By taking Trans Jogja Bus line 3A and 3B. Stop at Tegalgendu Street bus stop. From there, you can continue by taking a walk or pedicab for about 1.5 kilometers.

By taking city bus line 11. Stop at the T-junction HS Silver. From there, you can continue by taking a walk or pedicab for about a kilometer.

By taking private vehicles, from Kotagede market heading southward about 500 meters.


Selling points

  • Delicious chocolate and interesting flavours
  • Good food and great service
  • Place to get your chocolate fix
  • A chocolate factory and its real local choco
  • Place to get traditional taste chocolate
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Jalan Dalem KG III, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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Tips for you

  • They have a few windows you can peek through and watch them put the chocolate in molds and wrap them but not much else.
    What to see
  • The factory closes on Sunday, if you want to see how to make chocolate, it's better to visit the shop on weekdays.
  • All Jogja drivers know location of the shop, if you can't navigate the shop, just ask them.
    Things to do
  • If you go to Kotagede on the evening, do not forget to enjoy and have a taste of sate karang at Karang square, Kotagede.
    Things nearby
  • The shop has an attached cafe - good for a break out of the heat while deciding which of the delicious chocolate to buy.
    Things nearby
  • Mongo shop has a spacious parking area so you don't need to worry about it.


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We can get chocolate with durian flavour, and other local taste. Understand chocolate processing. Prices are affordable. All Jogja driver know its location, though in certain (market) days the traffic is congested.

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Small but nice selection of Monggo chocolate, best prices on Java (this exact chocolate costs more in Jakarta or elsewhere in Jogja). They also have a very nice italian cafe next door (called Lotus), worth visiting at lunch time.

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Saya & keluarga datang ke Cokelat Monggo yang berada di Kota Baru tanggal 27 Des 2014. Ga nyangka ya, ternyata toko ini berada di tengah2 pemukiman penduduk dan nyempil banget tempatnya, hehehe..Saya memilih Kota Gede karena berharap bisa melihat proses pembuatannya, tapi sayang, karena sedang libur Natal, jadi gagal deh liat proses pembuatannya :'(Tapi gpp, yang penting di sana kami merasakan suasana yang nyaman ( bagus untuk foto2 lho.. ), serta banyak pilihan coklat yang unik2, baik rasanya maupun kemasannya.Setelah pilih2 ( saking banyaknya pilihan rasa & kemasan yang unik ), kami membeli coklat 58% cocoa yang ukurannya kecil2 ( bungkusnya bergambar 4 karakter wayang : Semar, Gareng, Petruk, dan Bagong), rasa cinnamon, strawberry, praline, mangga, milk 41%, dll ( lupa, saking banyaknya yang dibeli, hehehe.. :pMemang siy, Cokelat Monggo ini sudah banyak dijual di swalayan2, tapi tetap saja lebih "syahdu" kalau bisa datang langsung ke tempat asal muasalnya coklat ini dibuat, apalagi mumpung ada di Yogya :).So, bagi Anda yang mau liburan atau sedang berlibur ke Yogya, masukkan tempat ini ke salah satu tujuan Anda ya :)

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I love chocolate and for this the price Monggo offers really good rich dark chocolate bars selection (mostly dark chocolate variants with at least 58% cacao). I like that as I prefer these over the sweeter milk chocolate versions. I especially love their dark chocolate range with nuts. The sweeter the chocolate bar is, the more sugar it has and the less cacao it has. Chocolate is not sweet. Sugar is sweet. Candy is sugar. If it is sweet, it is not chocolate, it is candy. Bars from supermarket brands are not chocolate, they are milk-chocolate-candy, as is all milk chocolate-candy NOT Chocolate. There is only about 11% cacao in some of them & they are pricier than Monggo! Monggo is the real deal!

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