Children's Peace Monument

Attraction 1 Nakajimacho Naka Ward, Hiroshima, Hiroshima Prefecture 730-0811 Japan Published on: 27-02-2016

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The Children's Peace Monument is a monument for peace to commemorate Sadako Sasaki and the thousands of child victims of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima.

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Why Children's Peace Monument is special ?

The Children's Peace Monument was inspired by Sadako Sasaki, who was just two years old at the time of the atomic bomb. At age 11 she developed leukaemia, and decided to fold 1000 paper cranes. In Japan, the crane is a symbol of longevity and happiness, and she believed if she folded 1000 she would recover. Sadly she died before reaching her goal, but her classmates folded the rest. A monument was built in 1958.

Sadako's story inspired a nationwide spate of paper-crane folding that continues to this day. Surrounding the monument are strings of thousands of colourful paper cranes sent here from school children around the country and all over the world.


What to explore at Children's Peace Monument?

Visitors to Peace Memorial Park see brightly colored paper cranes everywhere. These paper cranes come originally from the ancient Japanese tradition of origami or paper folding, but today they are known as a symbol of peace. They are folded as a wish for peace in many countries around the world. This connection between paper cranes and peace can be traced back to a young girl named Sadako Sasaki, who died of leukemia ten years after the atomic bombing.


How to get to Children's Peace Monument?

Approx. 25-30 minutes from the South Exit of JR Hiroshima Station.

• Take a #1 streetcar for Hiroshima Port (Ujina) via Kamiya-cho and get off at Hondori

• Take a #2 streetcar for Miyajima-guchi or a #6 for Eba and get off at Genbaku Dome-mae.

• Take the a #24 Hiroshima Bus for Yoshijima and get off at Hondori or Heiwa Kinen Koen.


Selling points

  • The most moving monument in the park
  • A cute little monument with a crane bell
  • Cranes everywhere
  • Dedicated to the Most Innocent of Victims
  • Central Memorial in Peace Park
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1 Nakajimacho Naka Ward, Hiroshima, Hiroshima Prefecture 730-0811 Japan

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Tips for you

  • At any time of day or night you can leave your own paper cranes as a memorial.
    Things to do
  • It is located along the path that leads from the Peace Museum to the Atomic Bomb Dome and is one of the larger and more prominent monuments in the Peace Park.
    What to know
  • Watching young children go up and ring the bell is very moving
    What to see
  • Beside the monument, there are glass enclosures containing thousands of colourful paper cranes from children around the world.
    What to see


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This little monument is dedicated to all the children who perished in the blast. Whether the story about Sadako Sasaki, the little girl who folded up a thousand paper cranes hoping to fight the radiation sickness is true or just an urban legend - I cannot tell, but still, the monument and the thousands of paper cranes - break your heart.

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