Cave Tubing Gua Pindul

Attraction Karangmojo, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia Published on: 21-03-2016

2 hours
07:00 AM - 05:00 PM
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Second-time visit
6.00 USD

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Gua Pindul is located near Wonosari (the capital of Gunung Kidul). Gunung Kidul is relatively far from the centre of the city. It takes 45 minutes driving from downtown Jogjakarta.

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Why Cave Tubing Gua Pindul is special ?

Cave Tubing Gua Pindul is located near Wonosari (the capital of Gunung Kidul). Gunung Kidul is relatively far from the centre of the city. It takes 45 minutes driving from downtown Jogjakarta. Gua Pindul is approximately 300 meters length and 5 meters width, the depth itself is about 3-10 meters.

Pindul is a cave that becomes part of the group of seven caves with underground river flowing inside. It is located in a village named Bejiharjo, Karangmojo and it offers the real sensation of adventure. For about 45 to 60 minutes, visitors will be invited to go along the river in the darkness of the bowels of the earth with 300 meters length using lifebelt. This is an activity combining body rafting and caving, and later called cave tubing.


What to explore at Cave Tubing Gua Pindul?

At Cave Tubing Goa Pindul, you can feel the sensation of an adventure in the river inside a cave using a lifebelt. While going through the dark valley in the cave with stalactite and stalagmite, you will also have a story about the journey of Joko Singlulung looking for his father.

Cave tubing is a combination of rafting and caving by using a rubber tube. You enjoy the trips by lay inside a set of tubes and following the drift of the underground river. Cave tubing is perfect for those who love adventure traveling.

Before reaches base camp, you can see a beautiful village that different than another village in Gunung Kidul. Actually, you can see many trees on the way to go there. As you may see, it is a teak tree. It is like a small forest around your trip. This trip makes unforgettable moment.


How to get to Cave Tubing Gua Pindul?

By public transport: from Yogyakarata you can take a public bus to Wonosari first then you can take ojek (motorbike taxi) to get to the Cave Tubing Goa Pindul.

By private vehicle: if you want to make it simple, then you can rent vehicle from Yogyakarta. It costs about IDR 500,000 to hire the car and driver from Yogyakarta about 2 hours away (depends on traffic).

Selling points

  • Best for aktifity and fun
  • An interesting community-based attraction
  • Fantastic value, fantastic fun
  • Fun activity with group of friends
  • Relaxing way to spend a day
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Karangmojo, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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Tips for you

  • The distance takes about 1 to 1.5 hours journey by car, going through the mountains. If you travel by motorbike, you'll need a vehicle with strong engines in order to reach there.
  • To go down the cave, you need a guide, so you have to register first to decide following Pindul cave exploration package.
    Things to do
  • The end of the cave is called vertical cave or luweng. For those who can swim are allowed to jump into the air from the top of the cliff, but still wearing the life jacket and the tube because the depth of the water reaching 15 meters deep.
    Things to do
  • Inside this cave, you will find the magnificent stalactites, and there is a stalactite positioned on the forth rank worldwide because the tip of the stalactite goes inside the river and cover a part of the cavity in the cave.
    What to see
  • No special preparation needed to do cave tubing in Pindul cave. You only need lifebelt, life vest, and headlamp, and those equipments have been provided by the organizer.
    What to bring
  • You can also hire a photographer available at your agent to capture your moment inside the cave.
  • This package requires at least 2 people, so if you're a solo visitor, you will be added into another group.
  • It's better to bring an extra cloths, but there are several shops which sell T-shirt and pants if you forget to bring.
  • The package cost is IDR 35000 for going through the Pindul Cave and IDR 45,000 for body-rafting.
    Ticket and Pricing


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Feel the sensation of an adventure in the river inside a cave using lifebelt.

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walah,,,,,pengen bgt ke sini....hohoo

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Goa pindul adalah permata tersendiri bagi pariwisata Gunungkidul. Bagaimana tidak, Gunungkidul yang selama ini dikenal merupakan daerah tandus dan kekurangan air. Info Goa pindul 085741973511

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harga tiket cukup murah..only 60rb ^^ Caving 25rb, Tubing river 35rb.. ^^

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Ice krim vanila cmpr buncis,smua suka .. cisss

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The site was fantastic with very good arrangement and services by our guide. The entrance fee was reasonable. Sometimes in mid day it's too crowded by guests and made me felt a bit unsafe. But still okay.

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it's a great experience that everyone should try!!! explore the cave through dark area, see the living of bats, many kind of stalagmit, believe me it's will be unforgetable.Rafting with a boat is usual, how if we do that with a 'tube',,,, private boat, hahahahaaa....and about the middle of route you have a chance to jump to the river from about 12m height and 8m depth,,,, i challange you!!!

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It is nice to hear about the nature trip around pindul cave.We actually didn't really do the caving. But we did rafting through the cave. I thought it will be thrilling journey. However, it ended so fast as I just start enjoying seeing the stalactites. The trip itself only lasted around 5-10 minutes. Too fast to be true.We also didn't really have sufficient information about the cave by legend nor by science.However, this is worth to try. Only prepare for additional clothes and towel for you have to take shower after the trip.

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I enjoyed a lote doing cave river tubing here. The guide explained about every single thing about this cave. The stalagtit and stalagmite are beautiful and some of them are still active and has something like crystal on it.Inside the cave, you'll also find Bat colonies. Suitable place for adventure lovers

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