Cambodia Traditional House

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The Cambodia Traditional House is the ancient houses of Khmer, are popular in contemporary Cambodia.

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Why Cambodia Traditional House is special ?

The houses were built traditionally aligning to face the East, because the local believe that will bring back the prosperity for them and a way to show respects to the sun. These Khmer houses were built on stilt evaluated about 2.5m high above the ground and the normal way to access the houses is wooden ladder. The roof was made of simple and familiar with the local farmers that are thatched leaves or straw and the shady space specially made underneath the house is usually use for storage and relax at the mid day.


What to explore at Cambodia Traditional House?

Cambodia Traditional House has five distinct forms of the houses existed a long time ago from Angkor time including Khmer house, Roong house ( also called Kataing house), Roong Daul house, Roong Doung house and Bet house. A special house was made separately for the monks to stay, it is also called Keng house.


Selling points

  • An interesting side of Khmer
  • Cultural difference in architecture
  • Rural Khmer houses
  • A tranquil place
  • Where the local stay
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