Botataung Pagoda

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Botataung Pagoda is a 40m golden spire and houses another sacred Buddha's hair relic. It has located in east of Yangon waterfront.

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Why Botataung Pagoda is special ?

The Botataung Pagoda on the banks of the river in downtown Yangon is one of the city’s most highly revered temples. The 40 meter high golden pagoda enshrines a sacred hair relic of the Buddha.

The Botataung Pagoda, also spelled Botahtaung Pagoda was built some 2,500 years ago by the Mon people. In the second World War the pagoda was destroyed during an airforce bombing mission aimed at the nearby docks. Rebuilding started in 1948 following the original design.

In the center of the tiled platform stands the main stupa surrounded by a a number of smaller stupas. The main stupa is the unique feature of the Botataung monastery; it enshrines the sacred Buddha relic and it is hollow and open to the public.

Seated on a high pedestal in a very ornate pavilion is the Royal Palace Bronze Buddha image. The image that was cast in 1859 by order of King Mindon was taken to Britain during the colonial years and returned to Burma a few years after gaining independence.


What to explore at Botataung Pagoda?

The main stupa is the most unique feature of the Botataung Pagoda. While almost all stupas are solid and closed to the public, this stupa is hollow and people can walk through it. Following a walkway with glass mosaic walls the visitors will see several chambers that contain glass showcases containing ancient artifacts including some very old Buddha images that were discovered in the stupa after it was destroyed in 1943.

One chamber of which all walls and the ceiling are covered with gold contains the sacred Buddha relic. The relic is enshrined and exhibited in an ivory shrine studded and decorated with gold, diamonds and precious jewels.


How to get to Botataung Pagoda?

Hiring a taxi to Bo Ta Htaung Pagoda is quite easy and costs between 2500 kyats to 4000 kyats within the city. For public transportation buses 35, 48 and 216 will bring you there. If you are already in the downtown area, you just need to walk till the Strand Road, then you see the Yangon River and proceed East.


Selling points

  • Famous pagoda near of Yangon River
  • Amazing Pagoda with Buddha Hair Relic Inside
  • Where you should feel sunset in Yango
  • First Buddha hair sacred relic Pagoda
  • Pagoda Heaven For Affictionardios

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Strand Rd Yangon MMR013017 Myanmar

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Tips for you

  • It's better to bring your small cash for small donation, you can release birds into the heavens or simply enjoy the peaceful nature of these special places.
    What to bring
  • You should bring a plastic bag to carry your shoes/slippers with you or leave them in your vehicle if troublesome to carry them.
    What to bring
  • You have to charge for camera fee is $1.
  • You have to leave your shoes when enter inside.
  • The best time to go is in the late evening or early morning.
  • The pagoda is located in the Southern part of Yangon on Strand road in Botataung township.
  • A taxi from downtown Yangon to the Botataung Pagoda should cost between US$ 3 and 5.
  • The festival of the Botahtaung pagoda is annually celebrated during the dry season.
  • There is the weaving contest held on the precinct of the pagoda and also the contest of cooking Htamane is held every year.


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Really enjoyed this visit as it was different from any other pagoda we visited either in Myanmar or Laos. It is down by the Yangon River and is easy to get to. The pagoda took a direct hit during the WW2 which meant that it had to be rebuilt. In undertaking this major restoration they found many statues buried under the temple which are on show. It is now hollow so that you are able to walk around inside,unique in the architecture of a pagoda as they are normally solid. The walls and ceiling are lined with gold and walking around these corridors is quite an experience.

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