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Activity Straits Quay, Penang, Malaysia Published on: 01-07-2016

06:00 AM - 09:30 AM
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Mission: Blue Whale Cruises provides services for: Afternoon and Evening Dinner Cruises, Honeymoon Cruises, Sightseeing Cruises, Harbour Cruises, Corporate function, Private Charter Cruises, Round Island Cruises, Monkey Beach Cruises, Song Song Island Cruises, Deep Sea fishing, Eco Tourism.

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Mission: Blue Whale Cruises provides services for: Afternoon and Evening Dinner Cruises, Honeymoon Cruises, Sightseeing Cruises, Harbour Cruises, Corporate function, Private Charter Cruises, Round Island Cruises, Monkey Beach Cruises, Song Song Island Cruises, Deep Sea fishing, Eco Tourism. Company Overview: We are pleased to announce that in our continuous strive to upgrade our company's services we have relocated our operations to the current lifestyle Mall and Marina at Straits Quay. Our new business address is located at Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang, Tanjung Tokong from September 16th 2011. Description: The 'Whale' is a 47-foot 'Chris Craft' Boat, powered by 2 Diesel engines. The boat is fully air-conditioned, with toilet, spacious salon and a completely equipped galley. It comes with extensive safety equipment and every trip has the British multi-talented Owner/Director on board and an International Captain, who will give every experience a personal touch. Phone: +60 16-459 8443 Email: [email protected] Website:

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Straits Quay, Penang, Malaysia

Meeting point

Agency Office

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If you want to go on a cruise don't choose this one. Not much info given about Penang, our taxi drivers new more. Boat went slow and the fumes from the deisel... well it went into the watermelon we were given, which went overboard!. Meal was average, thats if you could eat it as it was mixed with deisel fumes and the "fun" fishing was actually no fishing. But to end the day with running out of fuel and having to get rescued by another boat well go figure. Wish I had read some of the other stories about this boat we certainly would have changed our minds.Sorry Blue Whale Cruises but you need to get updated with boat and equipment plus having some knowledge of tourist info of Penang would be nice. Plus over priced!

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I recently was a guest among 10+ other people on the Blue Whale Cruise out of Straits Quay. Shortly after leaving the Marina, the boat developed engine/steering problems and we attempted to turn back. This proved futile as we appeared to have no power. These things happen, no big deal. But what followed was rather unnerving and, in my humble opinion (having sailed on many boats, in many waters and situations) outright dangerous.We had no radio contact with the Coast Guard or anyone else. No radio equipment was switched on. We were helplessly drifting for a number of hours and well into darkness, luckily not into the busy shipping channel but more and more towards shore. The tide was going out, running aground on the muddy sea bed was a close reality. A storm started brewing up in the distance. Storms in Penang can be fast and ferocious. The skipper sat, helplessly and uselessly at the non-functioning steering wheel, turning it this way and that way. The two young female crew members were mostly resting down below, pretty clueless and utterly useless in an emergency situation (my guess from the way they had to be told/shown everything they were required to do). The lady owner was trying to get some help by phoning friends on her mobile phone.We were told, early on, that there are life jackets down below. I am not sure at what point in time the skipper or owner would have called for life jackets to be put on but I felt we should at least have had them on the top deck when we were dangerously close to shore and the storm came towards us. Nobody spoke to us about a possible dangerous scenario/scenarios, to at least prepare us, just in case. When on the water, out at sea it is ALWAYS better to be prepared and on the safe side.Luckily a small dingy arrived before we went aground and slowly, slowly towed us back into the harbour. The storm also moved away.Once inside the Marina, we were told that three dinghies would guide us into the mooring and a different person took charge of the boat. I was standing at the bow as we reversed in, most of my friends were standing at the back of the boat, at exactly the spot that suddenly and forcefully hit the yacht next to us. Somehow the new skipper had managed to get the engine going, threw the throttle into reverse and "BANG". This was followed by an even louder bang and black smoke billowing out of the engine, again at the spot where everybody was standing.We were very, very lucky, nobody was injured or killed.As I said earlier on, things happen. BUT I have never been on a boat so totally unprepared and seemingly oblivious to the dangers that can possibly happen at any time.My advice to future cruising customer (and to me as well): check safety procedures, safety equipment and the crew's competency before you get on board.

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We made a last-minute request for a trip on our wedding anniversary. Eileen responded to my first email very quickly, and within 2 hours had confirmed all details and we were booked in. Little did we know that she had organised the trip just for us and that we had the boat to ourselves. Eileen and the crew were so welcoming and made us feel very special, with lovely touches like an anniversary banner hung at the back of the boat. We sat at the front all the way out, and came down for dinner which was plentiful and really tasty. We can't recommend the trip highly enough - it's a lovely way to see the island and fascinating to hear the history to some of the buildings, provided by Eileen. We had a truly memorable anniversary, and can't thank Eileen and the crew enough for all they did for us.

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Whilst visiting Penang once again in the past weeks we booked on board for the Sunset Dinner Cruise..which we did on our last trip to Penang and this latest trip as great as our previous experience.There were a total of 15 on board ..7 of whom were in our party and everyone mixed through out the evening to create a great atmosphere..our host and owner ..Eileen as bubbly as always and nothing is to much trouble for her. Leaving from Strait Quays we headed down towards the Penang Bridge ..passing there under and kept cruising down to the new bridge...sighting some very wonderful scenes of the sun sinking slowly behind the mountains ..presenting amazing photo shots as cameras clicked away. While we were all enjoying this ..with free flow of soft drinks ..( you can take your own beer and wine on board)..Eileen and her two girl crew were down stairs setting up our fantastic dinner for us all to enjoy in comfy aircon. On the return trip to our berth we watched the lights come on round Queensbay Mall and all along the Georgetown skyline making it a wonderful way to end a great evening..We left the jetty at 6pm and returned just after 9.30pm...all every happy with the trip and a different way to view the Penang shoreline

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