Binh Thuy ancient house

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Binh Thuy ancient house is historical and architectural spot in the area. The gardens house offers a comfortable environment full of fresh air and brilliant sunshine.

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Why Binh Thuy ancient house is special ?

Binh Thuy ancient house was built in 1870 with French style in architecture but still remained traditional features of Southern style. This is the private property of Duong’s family, it however has been acknowledged as a valuable construction of the city and nation for its architectural and historial values. With its French architecture pattern, the house’s floor is one meters higher than the yard ground. The house is characterized with four bow-shaped stairways, which connect the house with its spacious yard. The high ceiling is decorated with different patterns; there are doors and windows of different size to make the house more spacious and comfortable.


What to explore at Binh Thuy ancient house?

As one of the most spectacular Can Tho ancient houses in particular and ancient houses in Vietnam in general, the architectural style of Binh Thuy is decorated in the style of Western Europe, yet the sanctum, the most solemn place is designed under the Oriental architecture. It displays the harmonious and selective cultural communication between East and West, which expresses wonderful aesthetic tastes of the owner: absorbing modern factors but still restoring traditional manners making plentiful and diverse cultural features in the new land. It is perhaps one of the reasons why numerous directors, studios and domestic and foreign filmmakers chose this place for filming their famous movies. Not only attracting domestic tourists, Binh Thuy ancient house also the fascinating rendezvous for many foreign tourists in Can Tho tours.


How to get to Binh Thuy ancient house?

Binh Thuy ancient house is Located at 26/1A Bui Huu Nghia Street in Binh Thuy ward, about five kilometres from downtown Can Tho. You can take a taxi to reach the place.

Selling points

  • Region’s history spot
  • The unique French-style house
  • A comfortable environment
  • Full of fresh air and brilliant sunshine
  • Many valueable historical relics
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Tips for you

  • Visit time is from 8am – 1pm and from 2pm – 5pm.
  • The house contains a large number of valuable “antiques” which have been preserved until now.
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Vietnam was one of the place that had the long history and diverse cultures. If you have ever in the southwest of Vietnam don’t miss the chance to study about many valuable traditional value. Binh Thuy ancient house was place like this. Come here to breathe some fresh air at the unique architectural spot and enjoy the most peaceful and comfortable moment. Highly recomment this interesting place!

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