Binh Tay Market

Shopping 24, Nguyen Huu Than, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Published on: 13-11-2015

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Binh Tay market is the city’s biggest market. Mmost of the vendors here are wholesalers and thus have no interest in hassling you to buy a $2 t-shirt.

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Why Binh Tay Market is special ?

Binh Tay Market is the Central Market of Cho Lon in District 6, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Famous for being one of the cheapest markets in Ho Chi Minh, many retailers buy their wholesale goods at Binh Tay and sell them on at other markets around the city. Cut out the middleman and shop here yourself.

Nowadays, over 2,300 stalls have fused together to create a market with an electrifying atmosphere, where wares such as dried shrimp, fragrant rice, hand-made soaps, discount woks and papaws are plied to Chinatown's masses.

Here you will find two storeys of shopping built more for a Vietnamese local and less for a tourist. The first thing you’ll notice compared to its more famous counterpart is its size, which dwarfs that of Ben Thanh, and makes it the largest in the city. Inside, instead of shops for single purchases, many stalls cater to those looking to buy in bulk. In fact, many Vietnamese who operate stalls at markets in other parts of the city come here to buy their supplies.


What to explore at Binh Tay Market?

Outdoor wet market

If you’re a lover of fresh wet markets, like I certainly am, the lanes outside of the back of Binh Tay Market, mostly along Phan Van Khoe street, will fulfill all your senses.

Vietnam’s colorful producy

The market included a mixture of meat and seafood of all kinds, plus plenty of fruit and vegetable vendors scattered along the street, some selling off tables, others just selling off tarps on the ground.

Binh Tay Market food court

After exploring the outside wet market for at least an hour, I was hot and sweaty, and I all I wanted to do was take a break and sit down for some food and drink.

Indoor section of Binh Tay Market

The small courtyard in the middle of the market is a great place to get your bearings and proceed in a desired direction. It’s also a nice place to catch a breath of fresh air from the tightly packed stalls and alleys of the market.


How to get to Binh Tay Market?

Take the air-conditioned blue bus No.1 which goes from the Central Bus Station directly to Cholon Bus Station which straddles districts 5 and 6.

Selling points

  • Very nice place to visit and walk around
  • Bargainers paradise
  • Good market mainly wholesalers
  • Its for Wholesalers not Tourists
  • Good for a cultural experience
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24, Nguyen Huu Than, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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Tips for you

  • You should walk around the market and try to eat some vietnamese - chinese foods such as bean sweets,
  • Check out local fruit and food.
  • You need bring your camera to caught the local life in the market.
  • Should go early to see how people buy and sell their products and transfer them by motorbikes
  • You are not being asked what you are looking for, or want to buy this or that, pulled inside little stalls all the time, not being "harressed" by sales people;
  • The entrance to the market is like being in a very busy traffic jam, all cars, scooters, taxies, pedestrians converging in one small area.
  • You should avoid coming here in rush hours or early afternoon, it’s so hot and crowed
  • You should wear comfy shoes and clothing because traditional markets have no Air Conditioning and sometimes the floors gets damp or wet
    What to wear
  • You should keep eyes on your children to avoid getting lost.
  • You should be careful with your belongings.


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Binh Tay market sells just about everything from bags, wallets, dried foods, clothes, to slippers and snacks. The prices are much better than tourist locations. You can still negotiate, but the price won't go down much. You won't find many souvenirs here. It's a whole sale market for businesses (I think). The downfall of this place is that it is extremely hot and crowded. Also, the sales people pretty much ignore you unless you ask them how much things cost. If you are ok with that, this place is pretty fun to shop at. This is NOT a place for young children. The walkways are narrow. It would be very difficult to take care of a young child, while walking around the market.

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This place is where street vendors buy wholesale from. Souvenir t-shirts, candies, nuts etc can be found much cheaper than Ben tanh market.

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