Big Wharf (Osanbashi Pier )

Attraction 1 Chome Kaigandori Naka Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture 231-0002 Japan Published on: 27-02-2016

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Ōsanbashi Pier (大さん橋 ōsanbashi?, pronounced [oːsambaɕi]) is the main international passenger pier at the Port of Yokohama, located in Naka Ward, Yokohama, Japan.

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Why Big Wharf (Osanbashi Pier ) is special ?

The Osanbashi Pier stands at the entrance to the Port of Yokohama from the greater Tokyo Bay. Osanbashi means "Big Wharf," and big it was. What we know today as the Osanbashi Pier was completed in 1894 and was known in its day as the Yokohama Harbor Pier. At the time it was biggest wharf in entire Japan. The Osanbashi Pier became the center of the booming port, and all the large ships were docked here. Consequently, it became the entrance to Yokohama for many visiting foreigners. Today the Pier still stands at the entrance to the Port of Yokohama and greets ships of all kinds from around the world.


What to explore at Big Wharf (Osanbashi Pier )?

The Osanbashi International Passenger Terminal, also known as Osanbashi Pier, is located between Minato Mirai and Yamashita Park. It is where international cruise ships dock when they visit Yokohama. The 400 meter pier has walkways and green spaces that are open to the general public, making Osanbashi Pier an interesting attraction even for travelers not boarding a ship.

The pier was originally built in 1894, but was reconstructed in 2002 as a passenger terminal. Its bold new design incorporates grass and floor boards that mimic rolling waves. The pier is one of Yokohama's best spots for a walk, and for unobstructed views of the Minato Mirai skyline. Below the walking area there are boarding facilities, shops, restaurants and a hall for small exhibitions and events.


How to get to Big Wharf (Osanbashi Pier )?

Osanbashi Pier is located between Minato Mirai and Yamashita Park. Since all three attractions are connected by a pleasant waterfront promenade, Osanbashi Pier is most conveniently accessed by foot from either of the other two sites.

Alternatively, the Osanbashi Pier is a five minute walk from Nihon-Odori Station on the Minato Mirai Line (6 minutes, 210 yen from Yokohama Station). It is also a 15 minute walk from Kannai Station along the JR Negishi Line (5 minutes, 140 yen from Yokohama Station).

The Akaikutsu Loop Bus stops right in front of the Passenger Terminal (Osanbashi Kyakusen Terminal bus stop). The loop bus travels between many of Yokohama's sightseeing attractions and costs 100 yen per ride.


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  • Great for people watching
  • Great for photo
  • Best place to see the bay
  • Great Views of the City
  • Spectacular view of the Yokohama Bay
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1 Chome Kaigandori Naka Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture 231-0002 Japan

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Tips for you

  • You should go at sunset or at night to have an amazing view of the city.
  • You can see the boats criss crossing the bay and usually there will be a large cruise ship coming or going
    What to see
  • Nearing the end the Osanbashi Hall ‘underneath’ provides a large indoor place which frequently holds events, many of which are free.
    What to see
  • It is a very large area giving you good views back to Yamashita Park and across Yokohama Bay.
    What to see
  • It is about 15 minute walk or 450 meters from Minatomirai Mirai.
  • There is free wifi in the terminal, along with shops & tourist information.
  • There are a few shops inside, last minute souvenir shops and a reasonable coffee shop etc, which surprisingly aren't that more expensive than similar shops elsewhere.
  • It's good for thinking, relaxing, breathing in the sea air, and listening as you pass the hall where ships dock and where there are people playing music.
    Things to do


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as I'm architect by profession visiting Osanbashi pier while we were in Yokohama was a must see/ must do thing for me... And it was really great experience! Truly great work of modern architecture... with some really new and ground breaking ideas and solutions... and seem to me that people of Yokohama as well as visitors to this city embraced this piece of modern architecture as new focal point... new public space... new landmark... great - truly recommended if you want to see what imagination and wit can do with place that serves for cruise ships to dock in Yokohama harbor...

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